Monday, April 23, 2007

Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode I)

Episode I - April 22, 2007

The episode started with all eight contestants on the show breaking up into teams (four guys versus four girls) and doing several track and field events and an obstacle course and running up steps at a track stadium. Diamond was shown doing the long jump and he looked really funny running. Diamond has an enormous gut and it affects his balance when he runs. His legs are chunky and completely devoid of muscular definition.

In one of the events, everyone had to run a quarter mile sprint around the track. Diamond's time was 1:49. (If any of you ran track in high school, you know that is an unbelievably slow time for a quarter mile sprint.) Seriously, if you walked as fast as you could, you would come close to that time.

Next, they showed the gang in the judging room where everyone had to be weighed in. Diamond kept interrupting during other people's weigh-ins and would say stupid things like "trust the dust." When Kimberly Locke was being weighed in, Harvey (the trainer) and Dr. Ian Smith were telling her to cut back on pizza when Diamond rudely interrupted and said "Stick with the pizza. Trust the Dust." Everyone turned around and stared at Diamond with a look on their faces that seemed to express the thought "what a dick."

When Diamond was being weighed in, he said he was going to lose weight without cutting out junk food. Diamond said "I battle with truth and logic, therefore I can never be wrong" when discussing how he was going to lose weigh. His statement was perplexing and didn't make much sense.

They showed a clip of Diamond sitting in a chair at home sucking down chips, a burger, and cheeze whiz. Diamond was shown wearing a wifebeater undershirt. His arms are very flabby and he has a fruity tatoo on his right arm. Jennifer Misner, Diamond's girlfriend, was shown and she said Diamond has gained 35-40 lbs since she's known him. Here are some of the pictures of Diamond at his house scrafing down greasy food:

When Diamond was being weighed in, he kept talking and talking. His verbosity eventually prompted the show's psychologist, Stacey Kaiser, to tell Diamond to put his hand over his mouth and "shut up and listen" when she gave him advice he did not want to hear. Diamond weighed in at a chubby 217 lbs with 28.8% body fat. Here are pictures of Diamond without a shirt on, showing just how fat he has become (he almost looks pregnant!):

One funny scene occured a few minutes later when Cletus Judd was weighed in and referred to Diamond as "Screech." Everyone smiled and started laughing except for Diamond, who was upset.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, that's about a 7 minute mile. For somewhat that fat, it's not that bad.

Anonymous said...

hello dustin does not almost look pregnant he is pregnant i wont let myself get that big there was and is no excuse for dustin to be and get that fat NO EXCUSE anyhoo to each his own