Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode IV)

Episode IV - May 13, 2007

The fourth episode of Celebrity Fit Club took place at a ski lodge in Keystone, Colorado. Ant instructed each member of each of the teams to nominate one person on their respective team to trade to the opposing team. The women’s team nominated Kimberley Locke. The men’s team voted for Diamond to switch to the other team. Everyone on Diamond’s team (other than himself) voted for Diamond. Da Brat was visibly annoyed with Warren G for selecting Diamond because she clearly did not want to be on the same team as him.

Next, Diamond and Kimberley were each allowed to select one person from their previous team to join them on their new team. Diamond selected Ross the Intern and Kimberley selected Da Brat. Da Brat seemed to be ecstatic to be off of the same team as Diamond.

A side interview was subsequently shown with Diamond where Diamond implied that the reason Kimberly chose Da Brat is because she and Kimberly are a couple of lesbians.

Kimberly was then shown complaining that “Dustin’s always talking shit.” And DaBrat added “who cares what Dustin says?

The new teams then competed against each other in a race. Each team competed in a timed competition involving cross-country skiing, walking with snow shoes, and traveling on the snow on an inner tube. Kimberley’s team went first and then Diamond’s team started. Diamond got off to an early start in the skiing leg. However, Diamond fell and several people busted up laughing. Diamond got back up but was absolutely dead weight because he is so unbelievably out of shape. When Diamond was walking in the snow shoes he was clearly laboring and appeared to be winded even though he appeared to be barely even moving his chunky body.

Not surprisingly, Diamond’s team lost the competition and his slowness was a major factor, as Tiffany and the chubby Ross the Intern finished well ahead of him.

Next, all of the contestants were moved inside the lodge for the weigh-in ceremony. During Kimberly’s weigh-in she initially said that she was a little bit emotional when her team had voted her off, but said “It was a blessing in disguise … I didn’t want to be on the team with Dustin.” Diamond had an annoyed look on his face when Kimberley was saying this.

Diamond performed well during his weigh-in and was happy with his 8lb loss and was pleased that his weight was now down to 200lbs. Diamond lifted his shirt and jacked a little bit and said, “check that ass,” causing the members of the other team to roll their eyes.

During his weigh in Diamond was asked why he thought his former team had voted him off. Diamond stated "I know I’m abrasive… Eating habits were a major factor.” During the weigh-in Diamond was upset when Harvey told him that his target for the next weigh-in was 6 lbs. When the weigh loss panel replied that his target goal for the entire show was to eventually get down to 184lbs, Diamond became irate and appeared as though he was going to lose control, as he claimed he was only supposed to get down to 187 lbs.

All in all, it was a relatively uneventful show. However, the preview for the next episode looks great. Harvey apparently screams at Diamond during the next episode and calls him a “bitch.” I can’t wait!

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diamondcutter said...

I just can't wait to see the drill Sgt go ballistic on Screech...

JewveBeenFramed said...

I can't wait for Harvey to make Screech his bitch. I hope he takes the title or Drill Sargent literally and drills Dustbin a new asshole.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why Lord are we giving this poor excuse of a human being who had the best part of his DNA dribble down his mother's chin prior to his "conception"??? the time of day??? I would say that he is a "has been" and "all washed up" but he has never done anything to even justify putting him in those catagories. He makes all these bullshit statements about how the "sex tape" "almost ruined" him. HUH??? Who the FUCK is he to be "ruined"??? Ruined is when your dog pees on your favorite T-Shirt. Now lets talk about his (as he likes to call it..."4 feet of Screech") what is he referring to??? his feet to his fat ass??? or the distance between his left and right ear??? What is the "4 feet of Screech"? Whatever it is keep it the fuck away from you. Dustin if you happen to read this...I am going to pull my COCK out of your MOTHER'S MOUTH long enough for HER to tell YOU to...SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! and GO AWAY!!! You were never anything and you will never be anything. DAMN!!! out of space and I have not finished yet!!!

Amana said...

Good words.