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Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode III)

Episode III - May 6, 2007

The third episode of Celebrity Fit Club began with the men's team competing against the women's team in a kayaking competition. During the competition, one member of the women’s team competed against one member of the men’s team. The women were given a slight head start to account for the fact that men naturally have more muscle than women.

There were four races (each team member had to participate in a race), followed by one additional race to decide the winner because the teams were tied with two victories apiece after the first four races. Diamond had to race against his nemesis, Kimberly Locke. Prior to the race Diamond continued his trash talk from the previous episode. Regarding Kimberley, Diamond said, "Paddling is good for her. You know, I think the wet suit helps the jiggle, and that’s…that’s a good thing."

Diamond’s race was the third of the round. During the race right before his, Ross the Intern raced against Tiffany while Diamond yelled some trash talk at Tiffany. Tiffany was so upset by Diamond’s trash talk that she angrily flipped him off.

When it finally came time for Diamond to race Kimberly, the camera showed Diamond sitting in his kayak and the show’s host, Ant, said “and Dustin made sure he had plenty of gas in the tank" then aired an audio clip of Diamond ripping a nasty fart. During the race, Diamond started out strong but faded down the stretch in an absolutely pathetic athletic display. Nobody would accuse Kimberly Locke of being an athlete, but she destroyed the weak Diamond toward the end of the race, as she pulled away from him after he had caught up with her halfway through the race.

Afterward, Kimberly celebrated and Diamond vented his frustration and continued his trash talk, saying “A big girl needs to celebrate. So let her celebrate, eat some cake and HoHo’s. You know she’s hungry, and we’ll write it off like that.

After the kayaking competition was complete, the cast was subsequently shown in the weigh-in room and the tempers flared as the cast was shown a tape of Diamond’s trash-talking from the previous show. The tape showed all of Diamond’s snide remarks about the other cast-members that were played during the previous episode. It also showed some comments that were not aired previously, such as Diamond saying the following about Kimberly: "She is a nobody. If it was eight of her on here, nobody would watch this fucking show."

After the tape was played Diamond complained about how everyone had been treating him and said he didn’t like the way that DaBrat had said that she didn’t like him during the previous weigh-in. Brat then aired her grievance with Diamond and then Cledus responded. The following verbal exchange took place between Cledus and Diamond:

Cledus – “If I got to respond to what I just saw on that TV, if I responded, you know, the way that we do where I’m from and maybe kind of like where [Warren] G’s from, I would just stand up and whip his ass or try to.”

Diamond – “And that would be prison time.”

Cledus – “Well that would be fine too. It would be well worth it.”

Diamond – “That’s not a smart move.”

Cledus – “I’d serve 10 days to whip your ass.”

Diamond – “I’m being physically threatened on a show. Lawyer time!”

Cledus – “I think it’s wrong to sell t-shirts to pay for your fucking house.”

Kimberly then chimed in to discuss how Diamond was totally different when the other cast-members weren’t around and he was talking trash in interviews. Kimberly said:

“That in itself is a sickness. Two-face backstabbing people who will smile in your face one day and eat you up the next. That’s why I don’t have anything to do with you, Dustin, because [you’re] low-down, and that’s the bottom line.

You talk about losers. Let’s talk about losers. Ok. Let’s talk about ‘I’m a child star and now I’ve got a porn tape on TV and selling t-shirts to pay my house.’ That’s a fucking loser.”

Diamond replied that he had a better record deal than Kimberly. He claimed to have just signed a record deal with Universal Records to record a comedy album.

Next, Diamond walked up to the scale to be weighed. Diamond weighed in at 208lbs, the same as during the last weigh-in. When he heard the weight, Diamond said, “I don’t believe that,” and seriously irritated Dr. Ian Smith. Smith angrily replied

“You’re not even worth our time. … You step on the scale, you lost no weight. You’re the one, the genius, who said you can eat hot dogs and pizza and wine and beer. You didn’t lose any weight, Dustin, and no one is surprised by that. And then you are now going to say that the scale is faulty. No one in the history of the show has ever said that the scale was faulty.”

Diamond was visibly upset and said, "I didn’t sign up for this," and then took off his microphone, walked off the set, and said he was quitting the show. Ross the Intern, Warren G, and Ant all went over to talk to the immature Diamond. Diamond complained about being threatened by Cledus, but was eventually convinced to stay on the show.

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diamondcutter said...

Screech is a pathetic fuck. He can put down anyone else he wants to under the guise of "comedy". When anyone else has anything to say about him, he just wants to cry and go back to Wisconsin. How does his girlfriend/ wife/ fiance/ or whatever put up with this spoiled, egotistical, backstabbing, oversized turd of a kid?

Anonymous said...

The more of a nasty, arrogant douche he becomes, the more I want him to pound my throat and ass

Deucer said...

Priceless! And in many ways, the best thing is...he's too fucking stupid to even realize how much of a douche he is and how much damage he's doing to his "career".

I really hope Kimberley Locke gets her own back by queefing out a miscarried fetus right into Diamond's face, live on camera!

JewveBeenFramed said...

Screech is just looking for an asspounding on that show. I really think he has a think for Cledus, but sees Kimberley as competition.

Don't worry, Scritch, your queer fans will always love you in a very hateful way. I'm currently on the prowl of for men for you in various third world countries. My scouts have got a man in India with anal warts you wouldn't believe!

Anonymous said...

I hate dustin he is stupid trying to act like he is soooo innocennt

he was like "i'm not alone in my thoughts and my beliefs" blah blah my fans support me

lol what fans?????

Anonymous said...

he is retard!!!

JewveBeenFramed said...

lol what fans?????

His queer fans are behind him, but we don't share his beliefs. It's kind of like how Hitler had a huge gay following. We're just turned on by a gonzo nosed geek and would really love to spitroast him while high-fiving each other.

Marge Simpson's Hair said...

Holy lord is this guy a douche! Is he really that desperate to shed his Screech image that he has to act like an ass as much as possible?

Anonymous said...

Dustin Diamond = gaytard

Anonymous said...

I bet he was never in danger of losing his house, he was probably trying to make some extra money from people who liked him as a kid. but if he was gonna really lose his house, it's probably his own fault. after people seen how he acted on celebrity fit club, i bet he doesn't have many fans left.

Yvette said...

Money and maturity don't mix. He got spacey illusions on his importance.