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Dustin Diamond (2000 - Present)

Dustin Diamond has experienced much turmoil in his own life ever since Saved By The Bell: The New Class was canceled in 2000. Diamond has declared bankruptcy, dealt with harassment both on the Internet and in the mainstream media, participated in a Celebrity Boxing match, participated in an unpopular band, become a ridiculed stand-up comedian, lied about being married, almost lost a house due to foreclosure, been assaulted over video games, made a sex tape, and become a total fat ass with an oily Jewish afro (“Jew-fro”).

I. Bankruptcy

Diamond declared bankruptcy in 2000, around the time that Saved By The Bell: The New Class went off the air. Diamond claims he earned about $2,000,000 acting as Screech on the various Saved By The Bell shows. However, he quickly pissed away all of his earnings and blames his parents for stealing the money. Despite Diamond's claims to the contrary, his parents cannot possibly be entirely to blame, as Diamond was 23 when the show went off the air and had been old enough to entirely control his earnings for several years at that point.

II. Parody Website

In 2001 Max Goldberg, creator of, created The website is a parody and when one enters the website a loud MIDI file of the SBTB theme song is played and sees the outrageous claim that Diamond is a “famous superstar and sex symbol.” Many of the words on the website, including Diamond's own name, are misspelled and this horribly dated picture of Diamond from his Screech days is shown:

The website includes an un-moderated guestbook where "fans" post perverted gay stories about Screech and make fun of him. Most of the stories involve gay fantasies about Screech being violated by Mr. Belding, A.C. Slater, and Mr. Tuttle at Bayside and on a rowdy Saved By The Bell set.

Such stories clearly angered Diamond and in 2003 or early 2004 Diamond hired a lawyer in an effort to acquire possession of the domain name from Goldberg. Goldberg refused to give up possession, and Diamond submitted a brief to the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution arbitration board alleging that Goldberg had registered the domain name in "bad faith" and was infringing Diamond's trademark. The trademark infringement allegation was without merit - Goldberg sells nothing on and there was therefore no trademark infringement on his part. With respect to the "bad faith" argument, Diamond failed to prove existence of bad faith and the arbitration board ruled that the website was protected under the 1st Amendment as a free speech parody website because Diamond is a public figure.

Goldberg’s brief is actually pretty funny. In it, Goldberg mentions that Diamond is suffering from as case of “has-been-itis.” Goldberg also argued that the website is clearly a parody and wrote:

“Why would the real Dustin Diamond misspell his own name? Why would he refer to himself as a “FAMOUS SUPERSTAR AND SEX SYMBOL” when he is clearly neither? Mr. Diamond’s fame ended when the myriad “Saved by the Bell” spin-off shows failed to gain an audience, and his public persona has consistently been the opposite of a sex symbol. His “Screech” character is a stereotypically asexual geek, and Mr. Diamond’s subsequent attempts to revive his show-business career have portrayed him in a similar light, notwithstanding his recent cultivation of facial stubble. By making such over-the-top claims about Mr. Diamond’s celebrity and sexual charisma, the site clearly signals that it is a humorous work not intended to be taken seriously.”

After winning his case, Goldberg issued a press release and has maintained the website ever since, undoubtedly infuriating Diamond.

III. Diamond’s Attempt At Standup Comedy

Diamond has attempted to reinvent himself as a comedian over the past few years. A substantial portion of Diamond's standup routine including him talking about his penis and how Zack and Slater were gay and Screech was actually a stud. Diamond's standup routine has been described as "terrible," "raunchy," "offensive," and "utter crap."

The following comments are from people who have attended Diamond's stand-up act and they concisely sum up a typical audience's view of Diamond's stand-up comedy:

I think he was trying to make jokes, but no one was really listening. I think everyone was just there to stare and go, "wow, that guy's career is washed up."
"He definitely lived up to his disclosure he offered at the beginning of his performance in which he said "'fuck off' to any one who might be offended by his comments, I walked out after 10 minutes it was so horrible and unentertaining."

Many up-and-coming standup comedians hate Diamond, including Tim Homayoon, Bill Blank, and Slade Ham. Those guys think that Screech is an unfunny joke thief. Several standup comedians also created to express their disdain for Diamond. Here is an image from the Screechsucks website:

IV. Harassment Of Diamond

In 2000 Saturday Night Live performed an Inside the Actor's Studio skit where Tobey Maguire played Screech. The skit was very well-received and portrayed Diamond as a complete dork and loser in real-life.

In 2002 Diamond went on the Opie and Anthony Show to promote an upcoming standup comedy gig in New York and was subjected to harassment by the hosts and various callers. One caller who called himself "Frenchie," said that Diamond was a "has-been," "a gay F," and that his "F'ing show sucked." He also said, "about 10 people are going to show up tonight and then you're going to go out outside and kill yourself." Diamond's appearance on the show was voted the second-worst of all time, the number one worst appearance being a guest who makes balloon animals.

Diamond's harassment is not limited to the media - he has also been harassed in real life. He moved to Wisconsin in 2001 and has called the police several times to report harassment. He claims that people drive past his home at all hours of the night, honking their horns, yelling, and throwing garbage on his lawn.

Such harassment has run wild on the Internet, as Diamond has been subjected to substantial abuse. As if the website and weren't enough, there is also an inordinate number of websites devoted to flaming Diamond and questioning his sexuality, including the Dustin Diamond Love Hate Forum, the Dustin Diamond Queer Fantasies Blog, the Queers Unite for Dustin Diamond Blog, Ox's "Remember When" Blog, and the Dner Collection Blog.

Diamond has also been subjected to numerous comedic drawings, such as this image depicting Diamond as the illegitimate son of ruthless Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi:

V. Celebrity Boxing

In 2002 Diamond participated in a Celebrity Boxing special on FOX. Celebrity Boxing was a programming event where FOX pitted washed-up celebrities against each other in real boxing matches. For example, in one of the matches Vanilla Ice fought Todd Bridges. In Diamond's case, he fought the much smaller and older Ron Palillo who played "Horshack" on the 1970s sitcom Welcome Back Kotter. FOX billed the bout as a match between Screech and Horshack who would "dork it up" in the ring.

Diamond actually performed well in the bout. This was not surprising seeing as how he was about 28 year younger, 50 pounds heavier, and 6 inches taller than Palillo. Diamond beat Palillo pretty badly, giving Palillo a big black eye. After winning the bout Diamond danced around the ring with his arms raised as though he were Muhammed Ali or something, angering many fans of Celebrity Boxing.

VI. Salty The Pocketknife

Diamond decided to branch out into music in 2001 when he joined the group "Salty The Pocketknife" with fellow band members Evan Stone and Rosebud, the band's lead singer who looks like a transvestite. Diamond played bass guitar in the band. The band's best hits include the homoerotic hits "Red Panties," "Rim Goblin," and "Pissin Outside." Not surprisingly, the band was a critical failure and eventually broke up shortly after releasing their album, which is ranked at about #250,000 on the album sales list.

VII. Diamond's "Fake" Wife And Other Lies About Women

In 2005 Diamond and his alleged wife Jennifer were interviewed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. During the interview Diamond and Jennifer mentioned that they were married and even stated that the specific date on which they became married was November 5, 2003. Diamond said that they met at an Arby's in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania while Diamond was in town for a standup gig. Apparently Jennifer was ordering a Beef 'n Cheddar sandwich and they struck up a conversation.

However, when Diamond was on the Howard Stern Show in June 2006 he mentioned that Jennifer was his "fiancée" and that they were not yet married. A few months later Diamond and Jennifer made an appearance on the Tyra Banks Show and Diamond referred to Jennifer has his "girlfriend," not his wife or fiancée.

These inconsistencies are perplexing and Diamond has provided no explanation for them. The really odd thing is the fact that Diamond mentioned a specific date on which he was married in the article when he was not, in fact, married. This is just one of many lies Diamond has told in recent years.

Diamond has also lied about how much success he has with women. In 2000 Diamond made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show. This is an excerpt from an unofficial transcript from his that appearance:

Howard also heard that Dustin has a hard time getting laid even though he's fairly famous. Dustin said that's true but he has had some conquests that he's proud of. He said he first had sex at 15 and he got a lot of the extras on the set of ''Saved by the Bell''. He tried getting some of his co-stars but it never happened for him.

However, Diamond now claims that he's had sex with 400 women. He also now claims that he consciously chose not to date his co-stars (as though that was his choice).

Another lie Diamond has told recently is that his penis is 10 inches long. He mentioned this on the Howard Stern Shown in June 2006. He claimed that rumors about this have been floating around the Internet for some time now. It's odd, however, because I never heard of it before Diamond mentioned it himself, leading me to believe that he made up this rumor himself. He also claimed that his manhood touches the toilet water every time he goes to the bathroom. ***EDIT - Howard Stern watched Diamond's porn movie (discussed below in Section X) in November 2006 and stated that there is absolutely no truth behind Diamond's claim that he has 10-inch penis.***

VIII. Diamond's Mortgage Problems

In June 2006 Diamond went public with his alleged mortgage problems. He claimed that he entered into a land contract when he moved to Milwaukee in 2001 and was about to lose his house unless he paid $250,000 within 30 days to the person with whom he had the land contract. It is possible that Diamond entered into this land contract because he declared bankruptcy in 2001 and would not have been able to obtain a conventional mortgage. Diamond went on the Howard Stern Show to practically beg former Saved By The Bell fans to buy shirts to save his house.

Diamond created a website and began selling "D-Shirts" for $15-20 apiece. Diamond claimed that he had paid all of his required $2400 mortgage payments since entering into the land contract but was still about to be evicted. However, the Journal-Sentinel later discovered that Diamond was at least 5 months behind in his mortgage payments.

Diamond and Jennifer were supposed to appear in an online telethon with, an Internet-based TV station, to raise money for their house but were nixed at the last minute by the TV station when the station discovered that the whole mortgage issue might be nothing more than a fraudulent scam. Diamond also took money from many people without ever bothering to send them the shirts they ordered.

As of January 2007 Diamond has still not yet been evicted from his house (as far as I know), even though he mentioned that he had only 30 days to raise the $250,000 to pay off the mortgage back in June 2006 when he put up his D-Shirts website.

IX. Assault Over PlayStation Games

Diamond made an appearance on a Tampa radio station in August 2006 and mentioned that he was assaulted by a woman who stole his PlayStation games. According to Diamond's account, a woman, armed with mace, busted into his hotel room at around 2:00 AM in the morning and apparently was only able get away with the games, which Diamond was able to recover. Supposedly the games she took were Donkey Kong and Ms. Pac-Man. Diamond claims that he pinned her against the door and she cried out "rape." I'm not sure if any charges were ever brought, but it certainly sounds like a deal with a hooker that turned sour.

X. Diamond's Sex Tape

In late 2006 Diamond publicly issued a statement in which he claimed that he had filmed a sexual encounter with two women at a hotel back in 2002. Diamond claimed that he and his friends had some kind of arrangement whereby they would each tape their own sexual encounters and receive a certain number of points based on the sexual moves performed. Diamond claimed that in his tape he gave one of the girls a "Dirty Sanchez."

A news article read as follows "David Hans Schmidt, the agent who’s now selling the rights to the tape, tells TMZ that the two women are from the heart of the Midwest and in their early 20’s. One is blond, the other a rather striking brunette."

This is the pervert who is selling rights to the Diamond tape:

Apparently Diamond's sex tape is now ready for sale. However, neither of the women on the cover are "rather striking;" instead, they are both obese hogs as you can clearly see in this picture below. I have heard that each of these women have fat rolls - "more rolls than a bakery."


When the story of the existence of the sex tape was first reported, Diamond claimed that someone stole the tape and was selling it. Diamond claimed that he wanted to stop its distribution but he knew there was nothing he could do about it. He's been going on various talk shows and badmouthing David Hans Schmidt. Schmidt has apparently had enough of the abuse and recently reported that Diamond came to him with the tape and has been a willing participant in its distribution. Schmidt also claims that he's heard that Diamond might not even be the person on the tape. ***EDIT - Despite his initial denials, Diamond now admits that he was in the the sex tape's distribution from the beginning. (No surprise there!)***
I have not seen the tape and have no desire to do so. However, I have heard that if Diamond does, in fact, appear on the tape it proves Diamond's claims about the gigantic size of his penis to be just another in a long string of lies Diamond has told recently.

XI. Letting Himself Go

Diamond was very skinny when he played the dorky Screech in the 1990s. However, ever since Saved By The Bell was cancelled, he's really let himself go. He must have gained 50-75 lbs. He looks like a total fat-ass with an oily Jew-Fro and uneven goatee in the pictures below:

Diamond clearly has no sense of fashion as is painfully obvious when looking at the photos below. In the one on the left, Diamond appears to be wearing a shirt made from old hotel draperies. In the one on the right, Diamond's shiny pink shirt looks really fruity:

The picture below is one of my favorite pictures of Diamond. This was posted on a Myspace account and was apparently taken at breakfast time. The funny thing is that Diamond is scarfing down greasy onion rings for breakfast and couldn't care less about the girls in the photo with him:

XII. Conclusion

Diamond should have thanked his lucky stars that he was able to make so much money as a child star, seeing as how he isn’t good-looking, funny, and is completely devoid of comedic talent or acting ability. Unfortunately, Diamond didn’t save his money and has been typecast as a stereotypical nerd. He is a smug and bitter young man shows complete disdain for fans of Saved By The Bell. For this and the reasons discussed above, Diamond is one hell of a washed up celebrity!

* Don't forget to look at Dustin Diamond – The Early Years, Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance), and Dustin Diamond - (2008 Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp Appearance).

XIII. Additional Anti-Diamond Media

Here are some of the most anti-Diamond websites that I found while researching Diamond:

Screech Deserves To Die
Garrett's Anti-Screech Page
Screech's Sex Tape Follies
Diamond In The Rough
Screech Comes To Tavern
Shitty Celebrities: Dustin Diamond
MTV VJ Kennedy's blog about a 1993 date with Diamond

XIV. Updates

March 22, 2007 - Diamond will soon appear on the fifth season of Celebrity Fit Club (episodes of the show are scheduled to appear at the end of April 2007). The footage used in the episodes was taped several months ago. As was originally reported by Perez Hilton and TMZ back in January 2007, Diamond got into an altercation with Kimberly Locke, one of the other contestants. Diamond allegedly threatened to "make a dildo of my cock and fuck" former "American Idol" star Kimberly Locke with "it" during a heated on-set altercation. It was further reported that after the outburst Locke, along with almost every member of the cast, including 80's pop star Tiffany, rap star Warren G and "Brady Bunch" star Maureen "Marcia" McCormick all stormed off the set.

Diamond later claimed that he never threatened to sexually assault Kimberly Locke and merely said that he was going to give her a mold of his penis because she "needs one."

I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it seemes pretty clear that Diamond managed to piss off quite a few people on the Celebrity Fit club set. The show's host, comedian Ant, was recently on the Howard Stern Show and said:

Ant announced "Celebrity Fit Club 5" premiered next month, and that Dustin Diamond was one of the stars on it. Ant then reported Dustin claimed he was going to make a mold of his penis and have Howard help him sell it, but Howard revealed that was the first he'd heard of the plan. Ant noted that everyone on the show "hated Dustin," and thought the police were almost called at one point because of Dustin's behavior. When Ant also said Dustin "dropped Howard’s name constantly," Howard replied he'd met Dustin twice through the show, but never spoke to him other than those times.

June 29, 2007 - I found this copy of Dustin Diamond's resume. His resume lists several "Special Skills," including: Chess Expert, Professional Wrestler, Drivers License, Professional Musician, and Martial Arts Expert. It's unclear to me as to why the mere possession of a Driver's License is a "special skill." He also lists himself as a co-star of the movies Dickie Roberts and Made even though he had less than one minute of screen time in both!

August 3, 2008 - Diamond recently announced that he is writing a tell-all book about his time on "Saved By The Bell." The name of the book is scheduled to be called, "Behind the Bell." Diamond claims that the book will detail "sexual escapades among cast members, drug use, and hardcore partying." I guess that Diamond is going to continue to free-ride off the Screech character as long as he possibly can!

January 16, 2009 - Diamond was recently photographed at a bar while sporting a brand new hairdo. He looks like the retarded twin of Weird Al Yankovic!

April 18, 2009 - Diamond is apparently broke and thinks he shouldn't have to pay his bills. His electric company, WE Energies, has filed suit against him for nonpayment of more than $2,000 in electric bills accrued at his house in Port Washington, WI. Will Diamond ever get any publicity for doing something good?

August 1, 2009
- Most of the Saved By The Bell gang reunited for a photo shoot for People magazine. Noticeably absent were Diamond and Dennis Haskins! According to various sources, the "main actors" would only agree to the photo shoot on the condition that Diamond and the "creepy" Dennis Haskins were excluded.

Here is a photo of the People magazine cover. The magazine also included an older photo of the cast and cropped out Diamond's body, as shown in the photo on the right below!

September 11, 2009 - Diamond has been sued for back property taxes and his car was recently repossessed! Diamond reportedly owes at least $21,000 in property taxes on his house. His 2005 Ford Expedition was repossessed after he failed to make at least $544 in payments on the automobile.

October 1, 2009 - Diamond's tell-all book, Behind the Bell, has been released and has been nearly universally derided as being a crappy book. Although Diamond had previously promised to reveal lurid stories of drug abuse and sex occurring on the rowdy Saved By The Bell set, the book is seemingly short on facts and long on innuendo. Regarding drug use, Diamond claims to have smelled smoke coming from one of the dressing rooms on the set, although he wasn't positive about the source of the smoke. Diamond also claims that Mark-Paul Gosselaar admitted to using steroids prior to Saved By The Bell: the College Years in order to bulk up and put on 25 lbs of muscle.

He also alleged that Tiffani Amber Theissen and Elizabeth Berkeley had the hots for Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar, which isn't surprising to anyone. I bet that Diamond is still hurt after all these years because none of the regulars on the show wanted to make out with him! However, Diamond does make the ridiculous and entirely unbelievable claim that he has slept with 2,000 women.

Diamond has been promoting the book on various talk shows. In the book, Diamond claims that a female extra on Saved By The Bell upset him and he got even with her by pissing in her purse! Diamond also claimed that Mario Lopez developed "man boobs" on Saved By The Bell and may have had plastic surgery to fix his chest.

Diamond also claimed that executive producer Peter Engel would have bisexual threesomes with Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Amber Theisen in Engel's office!

October 11, 2010 - TMZ has reported that Wells Fargo has filed the necessary paperwork to foreclose on Diamond's house in Port Washington, WI. Diamond faced an earlier imminent foreclose back in 2006 when he owed $250,000 on his mortgage, prompting him to offer t-shirts on a website to raise money. As discussed above and on the "Dustin Diamond Is a Dick" website, Diamond took money from many different people but failed to deliver a number of the shirts, angering his now former fans.

However, Diamond apparently didn't use much of that ill-gotten t-shirt money to pay down his mortgage, as he now currently owes at least $278,000 on his mortgage. Perhaps this is the end of the line for Diamond - will he finally have to obtain a real job like the rest of us? I doubt he has what it takes to work 40 hours a week in an office job...

March 3, 2011 - Dustin Diamond has apparently been editing his own Wikipedia entry. Someone accessed Wikipedia from IP address and edited the entry, adding the comment, "(I have altered the majority of this page's info as I am the real Dustin Diamond and know my own life)."

The person claiming to be Diamond deleted a reference to Diamond 2001 chess video and heavily editing the portion of the entry discussing his appearance on Celebrity Fit Club. Diamond claims that he came across as "the ultimate 'bad boy'" on Celebrity Fit Club. This, of course, is in contrast to popular opinion, which has viewed him as a complete asshole based on his appearance on the show.

Diamond also heavily redacted the references to the domain dispute - I have to assume that Diamond is embarrassed about the outcome of that ICANN arbitration and is hoping that people will eventually forget that the domain ever existed.

Diamond further deleted all references to his t-shirt scam, housing foreclosure, repossessed automobile, unpaid utility bills, and back taxes he owes to the state of Wisconsin.

Diamond also changed the portion of his Wikipedia entry relating to the sex tape that he heavily promoted during his appearance on Celebrity Fit Club. Diamond admitted that the sex tape was a sham and that he didn't actually have sex with either of the fat chicks in the video. Diamond editted the sex tape portion to recite:

On November 13, 2006, Diamond's sex tape ''Screeched,'' was released as a publicity stunt to create a little more controversy following Fit Club. As with his "bad boy" image on fit club, Diamond was portrayed much more harshly in the public eye than was intended. In typical Diamond fashion, and always a huge fan of dark comedy, Dustin used a stand-in for all explicit scenes. The fallout was much more than he bargained for and many still believe this to be real... it is not.

Diamond's edits to his Wikipedia entry prove yet again that he is one washed-up celebrity!

 April 30, 2014 - Many of the old posts from the now-defunct guestbook at have been compiled and posted to a blog entitled " Guestbook Archive"

December 26, 2014 - Dustin Diamond was arrested early this morning for pulling out a switchblade and stabbing a man after getting into an argument late Christmas evening that quickly escalated.  According to TMZ, the bar owner claims the altercation was over pictures that the man was taking of Diamond .  The victim reportedly suffered a 1/2 inch wound under his armpit and bled heavily.  Dustin was pulled over by the police with his girlfriend in his car not long after, and the knife was found in his care. Dustin's girlfriend was also reportedly booked on a disorderly conduct charge.   

TMZ posted this mug shot of Diamond:

This story proves once again that Diamond is a washed-up celebrity!  In recent years, Diamond has claimed to be married, although that story is obviously false if the woman Diamond claims to be his wife is instead merely his "girlfriend," as TMZ reports.  So this may be yet another of Diamond's many lies...

This also may not have been the first time Diamond pulled a knife of someone.  Back in 2004, an interview was posted with Diamond where he discussed an incident in which he allegedly pulled a knife on former Saved By The Bell: The New Class castmate Spankee Rodgers!

June 25, 2015 - Dustin Diamond was convicted of two misdemeanors, carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct. He was sentenced to 120 days in prison and ordered to pay more than $1000 in restitution to "send a message to the community that we're just not going to live like this."


Anonymous said...

Superb entry! I think future media students and historians will surely study Diamond as a textbook example of everything that is wrong with the myth of "celebrity".

I hope this lying, talentless, throughly reprehensible piece of excrement gets what's coming to him. Preferably in the form of a violent gang-raping at the hands of a mob of sex-crazed, STD-ridden hobos.

Anonymous said...

I just can't wait until that loser gets on Celebrity Fit Club.... what a LOSER!!!

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That pink shirt makes Screech look gayer than AIDS

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Bella!!! Screecho mucho dorko!!!

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I cannot wait for the day when Screech is down to his last penny and is forced to sell sexual favours down by the dumpsters. I'll be the first in like to shoot some white wee-wee right in his eye.

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So I met Dustin at a bar, he was asking me if I knew where he could buy an 8 ball of coke. I told him I could probably hook him up if we went back to my place. We got home and I offered him a nice stiff drink, which he slammed down. I called up a guy that I fuck sometimes and told him that Dustin Diamond needed an 8 ball of coke. He dropped it off, while Dustin downed a few more drinks. During that whole time Dustin and I got to talking about chess and his comedy, I really think we hit it off. He asked me if I would have a problem if he smoked some in my house. I said it was cool. He took out a little cloth bag that had a glass pipe that looked just like a penis. He kind off smiled when he saw that I noticed the penis pipe. He lit up and smoked and offered me some. I refused so he smoked more. After a while he sat by me and started to make out with me. He shoved his tongue down my throat and began to stroke my now fully erect cock. He took my pants off and began to suck my off. He got naked and put his ass up to my mouth and I gave him a Russian trombone. I made him cum all over the floor, than I put my cock deep inside his ass and pounded him like I’ve never pounded before. He let out a whimper like a little puppy as I slowly took my cock out and penetrated deeper. We fucked all night long until he started having trouble getting hard, so he said he needed more coke. He dumped some on my cock and began to snort it off, than licked off the rest. He slammed down some tequila and began rimming me. I asked him to hold on and I went into the bathroom and changed into my Screech outfit. When I went back out he instantly got hard and began pounding me to the point that shit leaked out of my ass. He got on the floor and asked me to let my juices flow on his stomache. I took a big runny shit all over his stomach, than I started to let it drip on his face and goatee. He stroked his dick until he came, while he also fingered his ass. The whole room smelled of coke, cum and shit – it turns me on just thinking about it. We stayed up all night and in the morning we took a shower together. He left and told me he would call me next time he was in town. I’m sure he says that to all the guys, but even if he doesn’t return, at least we had that one beautiful night of homo erotic pleasure that gets me hard and dripping every time I think of it.

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I hope you do updates on this heap... I want to hear all the juicy details as the spiral continues...

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Diamond is becoming more pathetic and sad every day. He's at the Sundance Film Festival practically begging fashion designers for free gifts that they normally give to celebrities.

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I sure hope he gets AIDS real soon!!!!!

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OMG: the guy's raked over the coals for trying to forge a career. So he failed at stand-up; like he's the first one?! But no one else gets pummeled like he does. And he probably lied some for publicity reasons. Ooohhh... Why not mention the charity benefits he's done with his wife/fiancee - who cares what she is! They got pregnant (and she lost the baby), so they say they were married. Horrible. And guys take time to make up gay stories, leading someone to wish he gets AIDS. Jeez... talk about the need to get your own lives!

Anonymous said...

OMG: the guy's raked over the coals for trying to forge a career. So he failed at stand-up; like he's the first one?! But no one else gets pummeled like he does. And he probably lied some for publicity reasons. Ooohhh... Why not mention the charity benefits he's done with his wife/fiancee - who cares what she is! They got pregnant (and she lost the baby), so they say they were married. Horrible. And guys take time to make up gay stories, leading someone to wish he gets AIDS. Jeez... talk about the need to get your own lives!

YOU FILTHY PIECE OF SMEG! I wish you were here right now I would beat you so hard! Dustbin is a lousy stand-up and a lying fag who likes to hump men, but lies and says he prefers women. I hate you and I'll give you AIDS if I ever get hold of you!

Anonymous said...

The following is from two months ago, and I just found out about it today:

Our buddy Dustin had to be separated from the rest of the Celeb Fit Club cast for the remainder of filming after he got into an altercation with Kimberley Locke (from the second season of American Idol) and she gave a "him or me" ultimatum (he supposedly had said "Screw Kimberley Locke. I'm going to make a dildo of my cock and fuck her with it.")

And according to Wikipedia:

Dustin Diamond has recently been known for skipping out on his scheduled performances. Diamond was scheduled to appear at the University of Connecticut to give a stand-up comedy performance followed by a meet and greet on Thursday, February 8, 2007. Diamond never showed. According to Diamond's agent, he failed to board his plane. All of the tickets purchased by students have been refunded, and Diamond, since he breached his contract, will not receive any money. Even though ticket holders were refunded, the school lost a lot of money which was spent on advertising the performance. Dustin Diamond will never be asked to perform at the University of Connecticut again.

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This is awesome!

Thanks for Plugging - we're also on MySpace @

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My ex-wife met him at a Denny's during the late 90's somewhere outside of LA. He was with his mom.

Screw my ex-wife and screw Dustin. That's all I have to say.

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He truly is a HORRIBLE person.. I think he has managed to piss off every type of person out there... to top it off he says "It is funny when retarded people fall." It is funny when he gets his ass kicked after his EMBARASSING perfomance on CFC.

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Anonymous said...

Dustin Diamond is a pathetic loser. Very sad - no friends, no elf esteem, classic dork.

So he and Jennifer lost a baby. God is very smart. Who would want to bring a poor innocent baby into the world to be raised by this asshole. People get what they deserve. :)

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Anonymous said...

I was also appalled by Dustin's behavior on CFC. When I was young, I loved Saved By the Bell. As a former fan, I was disappointed. When you are young and you like a show, you hold the actors in high regard. I was disgusted while watching CFC. I hate to say this but I hope that Dustin stays away from the public. He doesn't deserve to be a part of this society as he obviously has no idea how to be a decent human being. I would never wish death on a person, but I honestly think that Dustin is a waste of everyone's time. Thanks for giving me a place to vent my anger. I will never think about Dustin Diamond again for the rest of my days. I hope that everyone can forget his pathetic life as well.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…. Has this issue become so personal that (supposedly) grown men or women threaten assault over the internet. Not that I wouldn’t mind seeing Diamond’s teeth kicked in…. But to actually threaten it, with no means to reach him? Doesn’t that sound a bit absurd?

ANYWAY, it’s probably been stated, but I feel Diamond’s actions are based on his need to seperate himself from his Screech alter ego. Consider it….. Screech was a nerd, and butt ugly. But, the creators of SBTB created Screech to be:

A. Sweet, in the mold of the nerd who was too sweet for his own good.
B. Of the realization that he is small in stature, and needs to cower to others to survive
C. Loyal: Though Screech was of little help to his friends, he still made valiant efforts to help them in times of need.
D. (And perhaps the most important characteristic) A sympathetic character in which you WANT to cheer him as an underdog.

Naturally, Dustin Diamond is everything but these characteristics. As a viewer, one can feel no sympathy for Diamond. He places a wall around himself, isolating himself from his castmates. He chooses to push away his fellow fit-clubbers, as to show he is not weak, nor a sympathetic soul. He chooses not to be casted as the underdog, but rather, an (alleged) dominant force on the show. When his dominance is questioned, he turns to legal action, which, in his, eyes, sets a precedent for dominance. As long as he can hang legal action over the heads of others, he maintains a perceived (to himself) air of dominance. Of course, we all know Diamond to have no dominance, and that he is as cowardly as the day is long. Picking on women, demeaning his fellow castmates… we see through the thin veil Diamond tries to hold over our eyes. The sad irony is that Diamond can’t see through the veil, He thinks he is truly convincing the audience at home of his dominance. Furthermore, he tries to portray himself as the victim, while also maintaining a “dominant” personality. He must learn he can’t have it both ways.

Dustin’s actions are deplorable. But we must learn that if we give him the benefit of our anger, he’ll believe even more in his self-righteous hypocrisy. Our anger makes him believe in his “dominance”. Let us show him we don’t buy into what he’s selling. Downplay your anger, bite your tongue. It’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s the quickest way to get him to crawl back into the muddy hole he lives in.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the whole alleged domain dispute over was nothing more than a big publicity stunt. Dustin's is kind of like an Internet-based "performance artist." Mainstream people might not understand, but Dustin works in mysterious ways.

Dustin Diamond and Max Goldberg are the same person! "Dustin Diamond" is merely the stage name for Max Goldberg. I read somewhere that someone in the Screen Actor's Guild had already claimed the name "Max Goldberg," and so Max chose to act under the name "Dustin Diamond." Come on, that name "Dustin Diamond" sure sounds made up when you think about it, doesn't it?


Great article and fully fleshed out, with fascinating links as well. Very well done, and I hope you have time to do many more articles with this kind of through approach.

As for Dustin Diamond, the sense I get is that he is most likely one very miserable young man. The best advice I could ever give someone like this is to distance himself from his destroyed career ASAP and try *try* to become a normal person. It won't be easy, but if he did this, in a few years most people will forget about him and the memory of all those publicity stunts gone bad will fade, even in a internet age.

I would tell him to go to College or join the Military and then get a real job and live within his means like a lot of other young men his age. It's not too late to flush it and move on. Does he want to be a Fifty year old guy who's remembered for this kind of stuff?

He seriously needs to move on.


You have written a great piece on DD, and compiled a lot of great links as well. Great job!

I hope you can apply this same kind of reporting skill on many more subjects of this kind, as I'm sure you could compile an even larger list of potential washed up candidates not yet on your list.

As for Dustin Diamond, the sense I get from this all is that we are seeing one very miserable and directionless young man who is on the defensive and who is existing day to day without any good life guidance.

He seems to have no peers, no Father figure or mentor to tell him to cool it, and instead he exists like a spoiled child-man who is mentally similar to Paris Hilton is some ways, but minus the money. He is probably surrounded in real life by other desperate types and lives in a fishbowl existence, and like Paris Hilton, has become a semi-willing town fool, willing to do anything for the attention.

This hellish existence that he helped to create could be escaped if he choose to take steps to remove himself from the circus. He could go to College and ease into a career, he could even join the Military up to age 35. He could then learn to live within his means, and begin without delay to completely distance himself from his disasterous "celebrity" and live quietly and humbly like many young men his age do everyday.

He could do that, but odds are on that he won't listen to reason.

Anonymous said...

The comment about a JEW FRO
was not necesary...
This has got to be the most mean spirited website I have ever encountered in recent years...
Very sad statement for the future..
I feel sorry for anyone who has ever worked on TV or any media outlet as an actor or entertainer, they do their best to entertain others, and all they usually get back is malicious gossip and countless lies plastered about in the tabloids and Internet...
I don't blame many of these people
for their self imposed disappearing acts...More power to the washed up..THEY ARE INDEED THE WISEST! Trust me, I've been there....Anoyminity is BLISS!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, if that is your real name. Many Jewish people, such as myself, suffer from Jewfro. Sensible people like me keep their hair short to stop themselves looking like a turd, others like Screech let it grow out of control looking like a dork in the process.

I am famous myself, having starred in numerous gay productions and I have never been bothered by comments made about me in the Pink Press.

I do have a perversion about former TV, movie and music stars, so If you are one what do you say we hook up? I can fly over to your state at the drop of a hat and when arriving the next thing to drop will be your undies! This only stands if you are a man, if not, get a sex change or forget it.

Anonymous said...

I was just watching the E! True Hollywood Story about SBTB and Dustin Diamond claimed that some girl sent him bodily fluid, hair, an article of clothing and a personal possession to make a voodoo doll.

Anonymous said...

Dustin Diamond is a low life scumbag. If he had not been in the public eye at all, he would still be an unemployed, whiny, lying sexual deviant scumbag. No "step up" in life would ever help this kind of crybabyfag. Oh.. any sympathy only feeds his ego and makes him worse. Maybe he'll get AIDS and die (like the guy said above) or someone will tire of his shit and fuck him off.

Anonymous said...

No one can even come close to the level of washed up he has become.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of these posts on this website, if I had a cent for every person who said bad things about him (or hate him) I could buy, a car, a ticket to the Opening (and closing) Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympics, rent a hotel room for a month at a strip hotel (something fancy... like the presidential suite (or something close) at Casears Palace or maybe Palazzo (Venetian) and still have enough money to afford both Jersey Boys and then buy Jesse McCartney tickets! And all that because everyone who hated him donated a penny.

Anonymous said...

Again: And now on to the Jesse McCartney sex tape. "Leavin"(Music Video). Hey at least he's hot, unlike this gay dude who seems to think he's above the law. I will not be intimidated by any lawsuit from him whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Screech is a pathetic waste of space, who will one day come to the inevitable realization that no one likes him or his shitty comedy show. If he were to kill himself, which he probably will in the future, no one will care. It's sad; he is worse off every time I hear about him. He is a waste of human life, and no good has come of his existence. That book is probably utter crap and another means for money and attention for Screech. He's probably only writing it 'cuz he's butt hurt 'cuz no on likes him, and he's the least successful of the cast and the king of washed up celebrities. The only thing that Screech is really the king of is the douchebags. May his reign be long and miserable.

Anonymous said...

He tried to bone me but I had my dog mount him instead. Now the perv won't leave me alone and keeps trying to buy my dog...or more accurately: he wants to trade some of his lame t-shirts for him.

Anonymous said...

I think the guy that post all these stories is a bigger loser Get a life!! leave these poor bastards alone they have suffered enough

Anonymous said...

Dustin Diamond is a FAG!!! Do us all a favor and go kill yourself

Anonymous said...

OMG! "The worst scum! ". There are only so many tools under rhetoric, and most have found a way against him. So had to investigate. So watched 6 or 12 videos of DD.

You know, the best way to infuriate people is to provide them the unvarnished report. IMHO that is his only crime (based on the FACTS I've gleaned so far, I may reverse my opinion later).

The only glitch is the undelivered t-shirts but hey, business deals can go wrong in a hundred ways.

PS This man represents the bitter medicine we all need to swallow.

PPS I find the commenteer's intimate scenarios extremely creative and entertaining, although I do not think they detract from DD's sustained integrity and courage.

Bravo DD! Humanity needs much more of what you seem to be doing!

I wish I had his sang-froid.

Ottawa, Canada


Anonymous said...

Diamond looks like a slightly slimmer Richard Stallman

Anonymous said...

Time to sell some more shirts, Screech.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I just read your blog. just a piece of work, imo. I don't hate the guy I just wish he'd get it together.

Seems like he'll do anything to be in the spotlight and Lord knows we have enough ppl like. It's sad.
Guess fame really is addictive to SOME people.
Again, how sad.
I agree with the poster who likened him to a poor version of Paris Hilton, i.e., the unwilling village clown.
However, at least Dustin knows that ppl are laughing AT him. He just doesn't seem to care how he comes off, it seems.

But he either needs to get serious about his acting or just go back to school and start over...

HowieP said...

Dustin put the "Douche" in "douchebag"!

Nards of Goat said... no longer active?! How can this be? *FART* Excuse me. I thoroughly enjoyed staring at that hunka hunka man love hunk jewboy all night every night and blasting my nut muck all over my keyboard! Oh well, at least now my parents won't be kept awake by my neverending, ear-splitting moans of ecstasy. Whatever shall I do?...oh, woe is me, WOE IS ME!!!

Nards of Goat said...

Thank Christ!! IS STILL ACTIVE!!!!! Oh, I'm as happy as every time I find skidmarks in my boyfriend's Hanes. I think I'll celebrate by visiting my homemade DD gloryhole! Thanks be to Lord Almighty!

Anonymous said...

diamond will release a book later this month!

Anonymous said...

His contract rules for comedy clubs is ridiculous. What a homo.

Billboard21stCenturyGuy said...

You really need to update your Dustin Diamond entry. Especially since he released his book last year, was not invited to the Saved by the Bell reunion (although he also claims that he didn't want to participate in the reunion). His house also this time his house really is in foreclosure. He currently now needs to pay $290K for his house. His Ford Expedition was repossessed and he also owes the Federal Government $21,000 in taxes.

Also he appeared on the Howard Stern Show last year to promote Behind the Bell. People who called in basically bashed him and his book and Gary, on the Stern Show, began to question Dustin about why people did not get their T-shirts when made up the whole T shirt scam.

Please do update this!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm mad about all the pity I wasted on him when he was a child. When I saw him on Saved By The Bell, I always imagined his heartbroken parents having to look at him next to the attractive, talented child actors, the ones who became happy, successful adults.

He's done "reality TV", celebrity boxing, a sex tape, and a book. He's done everything a washed up has-been can possibly do.

I think he's finished.

Anonymous said...

Now look here, the pimply-assed butt fuck rides the decades on your dragon tounges-dry em up or he'll wind up in the White House!

Anonymous said...

if not for Screech, Saved by the bell would be an amazing shit!

and what he's done is done. over ...

and Dustin is better than Mark today.

and, well, I loved the book he wrote. is great !!!!!!!!!

Ben said...

I wonder if the current scandal involving improperly handled and/or fraudulent foreclosure activities will affect Dustin's future. I can't defend a lot of his actions or business decisions, but I don't hate the guy, and no one should end up homeless. 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

wow, you guys really hate this screech fellow..jealousy is a bitch, just because he made a name for himself you want to bag him? if anything you area all a bunch of losers, especially the fool who wrote this blog. Dont hate someone because they made it further than yourself!

Anonymous said...

Dude, there's more to life than playing a total loser on some silly pre teen sitcom. Just because he was famous once and on a popular tv show doesn't mean he made it any further than us. Look at him now, he pissed all of his money away and now he does a crappy stand up show and close to being homeless.

Anonymous said...

To Ben:

Yeah well he also needs to pay his bills or size down or not live so lavoushly. It's his own fault for not paying his mortgage. If he ends up on the streets because of it then it's his own fault.

Anonymous said...

I have to say - I am so shocked at all the hate for this guy. I was not a fan of SBTB - but I knew of this guys character. I just have not seen so much hate for a person in my life. The slanderous websites and blogs.

I actually feel sorry for Dustin - I don't think anyone deserves to be vilafied in public like he has been. He, just as you and I - have made mistakes in our life and we have to live with them. So what if he is gay or made a porn tape or lied about being married. Who really cares?

Let the man live his life and try to make a living. Just think if this was you and that shoe was on the other foot - I don't think it would be so funny then would it?

Not hateful intent to the blogger or anyone who has posted here. Just as I - you are also entitled to your opinions and thoughts. :)

Anonymous said...

Donkey Kong and Ms Pacman were never Playstation titles.
there was a Pacman game, but no way was there ever Donkey Kong, seeing as it's a Nintendo franchise game.
So there's another lie

BigT1313 said...

If he want to fight so bad, I would fight him in a MMA match and break his jaw. Since he can only fight people who is 28 years older then him. I would fight him and break every bone in his body. He is nothing but a punk and a bitch. I fight him anywhere at anytime.

BigT1313 said...

Diamond is a punk. Thinking that he is a tough guy. Get me in the MMA ring with him and I will wipe the floor with him. I would just beat him for just pure enjoyment

BigT1313 said...

Martial Art Expert!!!! Please.... If he thinks he is a Martial Art Expert, then challenge me to a MMA fight. Then we will see....just bring it!!!!!!!!!!!!

BOTR said...

I had no idea about the Wikipedia editing until now; how god-damn pathetic is that?

Anonymous said...

To all the haters, what has Dustin Diamond ever done to you? He's a passable actor and as for his person, he hasn't committed any crimes. Yet people here are talking about him as if he were a serial killer. Many criticize his looks and voice, but that's biology, not anything he's chosen. I imagine that all the ridicule he's endured has affected him in a bad way. Let the poor guy make an honest living, and if he was meant to be a actor, he has every right to pursue that profession.

BigT1313 said...

FUCK that asshole! He riped too many fans off, with his bullshit. Once a coward, alwaysa coward

BigT1313 said...

FUCK THAT BITCH! He ripped off too many people. He claims this and that, he's a wanna be actor. A liar and coward thats all he is that BITCH!!

Ben said...

Confession: I purchased and read Dustin's book. Now, before I'm completely drawn and quartered (on the off chance anyone is going to post any other comments here about DD at this point in history), I used part of a $10 gift card that an online doctor's appointment service sent me to make up for screwing up the time of one of my exams, and the book only cost 50 cents or so online.
It's not a TERRIBLE book per se; the segments about producing SBTB and some of his personal problems are interesting. The problem is that a lot of the facts are questionable (or bungled; DD talks at length about how SHOWGIRLS fucked up Elizabeth Berkley's time on SBTB, when in reality she'd long been done with the show when that 1995 disaster was filmed, let alone released in theaters), he sometimes comes across as crude, and the chapters don't fit together very well. And yes, as noted elsewhere, there are some glaring spelling and formatting errors, though they're more silly than awful. Would I recommend this book? Sure, if you can buy it for almost nothing or (even better) get it from the library. I've read worse books related to the entertainment industry.

Anonymous said...

Sad when a third rate actor who was lucky to get on a pretty good show screws it up,by doing stupid stuff then blames everyone but himself

Dogg the Bounty Hunter said...

I wonder if Mr.Belding and Screech the Douche ever rammed each other? That would be so cool brah!

Anna said...

I love Saved By the Bell and I LOVE the character Screech, but Dustin Diamond is a shame. I don't understand how such a lovable character can be so messed up in real life. I am so depressed now, finding this awful news out! I wish that DD was a normal guy who was grateful for his success, but sadly he is rude and ungrateful.

Anonymous said...

I have no sympathy for any of these child celebrities, they are born to be has beens.They get lucky when they find a role that thier limited talent can handle and they think they will be famous forever.They should just take thier 15 minutes of fame and be happy.

Anonymous said...

Diamond's height would shrink considerably after reading this entry, talk about chewing someone to pieces and spitting out their balls or in Diamond's case, ball.

However, I am much more upset with the individual responsible for putting Diamond on the air. I've seen better looking men in the pysch ward I used to work at, and those were the patients.

Anyone with sexual stories that involve Diamond and anything other than another animal should cease and desist. Diamond ranks up there with the likes of Gary Glitter in the looks department, no self respecting homo would be seen within 5 feet of him, not to mention our large population of 300+ pound women. Diamond's only shot at getting laid would be to drug and rape a dog. Would not be surpirsed to see him charged with animal cruelty in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Too much information, Screech totally sucks, olympically or something!!!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with people here? Dustin Diamond has made some bad choices and behaved boorishly at times, but he doesn't deserve the disgusting attacks posted here. If I had spent a decade or two being used as a verbal punching bag like he has, I'd be irrational, too. Your average murderer or child molester hasn't been subjected to the abuse that he has. I hope that he gets his act together and lives a productive life outside of Hollywood, which is what any decent person should wish. You people make me fear for the future of this country.

Ben said...

Latest news on Diamond:
*Having 90's-themed parties in Wisconsin.
*Got interviewed by AV Club (Milwaukee) and sounds much less angry and bitter than he did around the time "Behind the Bell" was released.
*Insisting that A) he now appreciates his time on SBTB and it's legancy and B) he was playing the part of the campus asshole during his first time on "Celebrity Fit Club".
*Not making any apologies for his personal attacks on MGP, Tiffani Thiessen, Mario, etc., nor has he made any further statements about Lark Voorhies' mental problems (or lack thereof).
*Says if he can earn $10,000 to appear on "Fear Factor" and eat a roach, then he'll have to eat a roach, brother (Note: Is FF still around in any form, on indefinite hiatus, permanently done, rebooting, etc.?).

Anonymous said...

You all need a life outside of your internet connection.

Anonymous said...

Fuck that motherfucker...I would break my foot off in his fuckin faggot ass teeth. Im still asking to beat his ass in a MMA ring. If he got the balls to do it. But like any coward he is hiding in the closet still...hahaha.

Anonymous said...

I think this site has nothing but a bunch of pedophiles posting gay remarks of a has-been actor. At least he made 2 Million in his life. Most of you live in crummy apartments or with mom.

Anonymous said...

The girls in the porn flick are NOT fat...which you would know if you'd seen it. There's clips on youtube. There's no excuse for not researching your story.

Anonymous said...,57483/ great review of his book here

Anonymous said...

He's on Celebrity Big Brother UK this year (2013). You can catch it on Youtube. A few of the younger celebrities recognize him from SBTB, but don't know about anything else. He brought up his tape, which of course no one knew about, yet he was quick to point out that there was a stand-in for the compromising scenes (thus protecting certain claims he made about himself previously).

Unknown said...

Omg, obese hogs nearly made me pee, lol. Of course a pornstar with a 10 incher hires a smaller standin, thats just how its done. Lmao I am amazed he still has a home to lose. He is actually doing better than some child actors, hes alive and not locked up. He was never going to be a Mario mark paul, ever. He needs to go manage a taco bell or radio shack and live a normal life.

Unknown said...

Why did they put those fat girls on the cover? So no 10 inches and no fat girls? False advertising.

Anonymous said...

Yeah and you deserve a pulitzer for this gem of an article. You actually had spend some serious time to collect and compile all this info on one of the most important persons of the 20th century that is Screech... What does that tell about you?? Screeched to the max????

Anonymous said...

Wat happnd to all the money he made on saved by the bell. Can anyone say drug use

Ben said...

This site doesn't seem to be doing much more lately than Dustin, but worth noting that the SBTB movie (which was based in some part on Dustin's not-that-great book and tried to be sympathetic towards him) has come and gone. It was viewed as a bomb by critics and fans (though it seems to have gotten decent ratings, much as the Sharknado films did) and to top it off, Dustin has gotten severe criticism from two former co-stars who in the past he seemed to actually like (Lark Voorhies and Dennis Haskins). I'm not going to post on here again, ever, because there's no point anymore. Dustin's book is closed and overall, it was a mediocre read.

BOTR said...

He was arrested for allegedly stabbing a man in Wisconsin yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Look at that dumbass smirk in his mugshot! This sick fuck is probably thinking about all the publicity he's going to get for this.

assvomit said...

The DMAN is back in action! I am sure it was a small blade and he was trying to pit hump the dude with the skin tag he refers to as a penis! I am sure he was trying his best to get thrown in prison so he could have his rump blowed by black mombos!

Unknown said...

You're all disgusting !

BOTR said...

If you've wanted him to become someone's prison boytoy, you might get your wish.

Dustin Diamond could face up to 10 months in prison.

The 'Saved By The Bell' actor was found guilty of carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct yesterday (29.05.15), after being involved in a bar brawl last Christmas Day, but was cleared of a felony charge of recklessly endangering public safety.

Carrying a weapon carries a maximum sentence of nine months in prison, while disorderly conduct is 90 days.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. this washed up hasbeen is going to jail for 120 days for the bar stabbing incident.
What a washed up loser - i hope he does not drop the soap lol

BOTR said...

MAJOR UPDATE: Don't drop the soap!

Dustin Diamond — who played Screech, the awkward but lovable anti-heartthrob in the 1990s sitcom "Saved by the Bell" — has been sentenced to four months in jail for a Wisconsin bar fight during which he stabbed a man.

The judge also sentenced Diamond to 15 months of probation, according to the Ozaukee County Circuit Court clerk's office.

Diamond has been ordered to stay away from the victim and from the bar in Port Washington, Wis., where the Christmas Day tussle occurred. He also must maintain "absolute sobriety" and refrain from all controlled substances until his probation ends, the clerk's office said.

Any predictions about what could happen to him in there?

Anonymous said...

Dustin....the gift that keeps on giving. The wanker never lets us down.

Anonymous said...

I hope the MMA guy in the earlier posts bumps into him one day. Nothing could be more just than DD getting his arms and legs snapped while he's still conscious. Ideally, this would immediately precede his being set on fire in a public place. Again, while conscious. What a fucking douchebag this freak is.

Anonymous said...

Did he really date Dennis Haskins?

Ben said...

Well, Dustin officially was booked into a Wisconsin jail to serve a 4-month sentence after his misdemeanor conviction last May.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Diamond is off to jail.

Don't drop the soap, bitch!!

BOTR said...

He's been out of jail for a month and has had his first post-jail interview with none other than former co-star Mario Lopez (the two-part interview will be seen tonight and tomorrow on Mario's show Extra).

Some tidbits if you don't want to click on the link:

-he says jail is not like what you see on TV (no shit!)
-he insists that he never stabbed the guy
-he was released early for good behavior
-he wants to put all that "tomfoolery and malarkey" behind

Also, he claims that he did not write "Behind the Bell" and (worst of all) he wants to start a family with his girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Anthony Weiner

Anonymous said...

lol dustin went back to jail for violating his parole terms

will he ever catch a break?

Anonymous said...

It's 2019 and Dustin is still in my deep thoughts and bedtime fantasies.

Anonymous said...

It's 2020 and again i'm here in my yearly trip in this blog and Dustin is still in my deepest thoughts.