Monday, October 30, 2006

Dennis Haskins

Dennis Haskins played "Mr. Belding" on the TV shows "Good Morning Miss Bliss," "Saved By The Bell," and "Saved By The Bell: The New Class" between 1987 and 2000. Here's a picture of Dennis Haskins from his early days on Saved By The Bell:

When Saved By The Bell went off the air in 2000 Haskins struggled to find acting work and he undoubtedly felt pigeon-holed in his role as Mr. Belding. In an attempt to change his image Haskins grew a mustache as shown in this picture from 2000 or 2001:

Haskins eventually shaved his mustache and became a party animal trying to pick up college-age women at bars. He currently enjoys life and eats every piece of greasy and fatty food in sight as shown in the pictures below. As you can clearly see, Haskins is definitely a washed-up actor!

*** Update - March 24, 2008 *** recently posted some pictures of Dennis Haskins partying in Las Vegas with women who appear to be strippers. Apparently Haskins is still a huge (literally) party animal!

*** Update - May 21, 2009 ***

I recently discovered that one of Dennis Haskins' first TV roles was on The Dukes of Hazzard. Haskins made a minor appearance in the very first episode of that popular series back in 1979. Here are some screen captures of Haskins from the episode, "One Armed Bandits," where Haskins played an annoying truck driver who sexually harassed Daisy Duke at a bar. Amazingly, Haskins was only 27 or 28 when this scene was filmed, although I think he could have passed for mid-30s.

*** Update - May 18, 2010 ***

I received an email that is purportedly from either Dennis Haskins or one of his operatives. Apparently Haskins is under the impression that I have claimed he has been arrested. I have never written (now or in the past) that Dennis Haskins was arrested for anything and as far as I know he is a law-abiding citizen! This is the email I received:

Dennis Haskins (
to -------
date Mon, May 17, 2010 at 12:08 PM
subject Dennis Haskins article

May 17 (2 days ago)

To whom it may concern,

While searching Google for Dennis Haskins the phrase Dennis Haskins arrested appears and connects to your web site. Mr. Haskins has never been arrested for anything. This is not true and falls into the legal category of slander. This should be removed within 24 hours or legal action will be taken against you, your site and Google. We've taken note that you've adjusted your article to say allegedly but this does not change the way you have tied it into the Google search and does not prevent you from being pursued legally. You have 24 hours as of 10:08am pst

I just lost a lot of respect for Dennis Haskins. I assume that this email was sent to authors who publish different websites. Note that he claims that I "adjusted [the] article to say allegedly." However, the only place where the word "allegedly" appears on this post is in the email above and in this sentence!

*** Update - May 19, 2010 ***

As far as I can tell, Dennis Haskins is apparently upset about this comment left by an anonymous person below (FYI, I did not post this comment and have no way of determining who wrote it):

Anonymous said...

If you yahoo search "Mr belding young women" or go to, he apparently has been arrested many times for groping women. Bronson Pinchot is his "party friend".
August 01, 2009 1:02 PM

Because I am still a fan of Saved By The Bell and Mr. Belding, I have deleted this comment from below, although I am still annoyed with him for threatening his fans! I hope that Dennis Haskins chills out in the future and starts appreciating his fans again. He might consider appearing on Celebrity Fit Club with pal Dustin Diamond to try to restart his career. However, I must confess that I am beginning to wonder whether his "nice guy" public persona is all just a ruse...

There is nothing defamatory about this post now and there never has been anything defamatory in the past. However, the fact that Haskins spends his day sending threatening emails despite failing to understand that "slander" refers exclusively to spoken defamation further proves that he is one washed-up celebrity!

*** Update - February 5, 2015 ***

Jimmy Fallon performed in a Saved By The Bell skit on the Tonight Show on February 4, 2015 alongside original cast-members Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley, and Dennis Haskins.  (There was no explanation regarding the absense of Lark Voorhies or the despised Dustin Diamond.)  Unfortunately I am unable to embed the video, but it can be viewed here.  The skit was very well-received and quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.  It was shocking to see Dennis Haksins in the skit, as he apparently progressed from simply being "really fat" all the way to his current status of "morbidly obese."

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Michael Oliver

Michael Oliver is the first washed up celebrity I will review. You may remember Oliver as the child actor who played "Junior" in the early 90s movies "Problem Child" and "Problem Child 2." This is a picture of Oliver from his Problem Child days:

I would have thought that Oliver would have parlayed his early starring roles into other movie roles or perhaps even a recurring role on a sitcom. However, Oliver has not had any decent roles since his Problem Child days. He is currently a roadie for the band, The Samples, and apparently spends a good portion of his time posting on the Internet Movie Database message boards under the login "Roadiepc." He has also grown his hair long and occasionally sports a long mullet as shown in his pictures below (in case you are wondering, he verified that these are pictures of him in his message board postings). All of this makes him one washed-up celebrity!

***Update - May 28, 2007 ***
I just discovered some information that might explain why Michael Oliver is so incredibly washed up. Apparently he had a contractual obligation with Universal Pictures to act in Problem Child 2 for $80,000 back in 1991. However, a mere few days before filming was to begin Michael's mother demanded $500,000 for his role in the movie or he would walk away. Universal Pictures had already spent a lot of money on pre-production and felt obligated to do whatever was necessary to keep Michael in the movie or it would lose around $4,000,000 on outlays that had already been made.

In 1993 Universal sued Michael for $190,000 for basically extorting the money from Universal, which had agreed to pay the money to Michael under duress. Universal Pictures won its court case after a trial and Michael had to return the extorted money!

***Update - January 1, 2008 ***
Michael Oliver used to have a bio listed on the website for The Samples that mentioned that he is a "Highly evolved old soul with a love of his lady and a passion for swords." Here is a picture of Oliver that was linked in the comments to this post. I guess that Oliver must enjoy swordfights!

*** Update - February 21, 2008 ***

Someone posted a link in the comments below to this apparently gay parody Michael Oliver blog: Gay Appreciation for Michael Oliver. My favorite post on that blog is one where someone wrote:

"Someone told me that they were at a Samples show and Micheal walked by him and he stunk of B.O. Does he have problems or is that just part of touring on the road with a band? He said he could smell his balls and ass from where he was standing."

*** Update - July 1, 2008 ***

A link to this recent picture of Michael Oliver was posted as a comment below. As one can see, Oliver appears to have cut his hair short at least on the sides. It appears as though he may have also kept the hair on top of his head long and pulled it back. Finally, he's either sitting in front of a tree or his red mullet is flaring out at the sides by his neck!

*** Update - December 27, 2009 ***

Links to the following pictures of Michael Oliver were posted in comments below. An anonymous commenter claims that the girl in these photos is Michael Oliver's girlfriend. The woman in the photos below is definitely attractive, so it is perplexing that she is standing next to Oliver. I have to assume that the reason why she is in these photos with Oliver is one of the following: (a) she has a freaky ginger mullet fetish; (b) he paid her to be in the photos with him; (c) he photoshopped her into a photo where he was standing by himself; (d) that truly is his girlfriend. We may never know her true motivation for being photographed with Oliver.

*** Update - April 10, 2011 ***

I recently discovered this video clip of Michael Oliver rambling on and on about religion as he explains why he is a Buddhist. He shows off his massive forehead and ginger mullet (or possibly long hair in a ponytail) in this clip:

*** Update - November 14, 2012 *** 

 I recently discovered a video clip of a recent interview that Michael Oliver gave where he discussed his experiences as a child star on the movie set. Several of his former co-stars are also interviewed in this clip.  Michael has apparently chopped off his long mullet as shown in the interview.

*** Unfortunately, the video was deleted from YouTube, so I had to remove the corresponding link here. ***

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Welcome to Washed Up Celebrities! I intend to post information on celebrities who used to be popular but are now completely washed-up! Enjoy and be sure to leave comments if there's someone you want to be profiled.