Friday, October 30, 2009

Tara Reid

Tara Reid is an actress best known for her role in American Pie and her wild partying and plastic surgery nightmare.

Reid was born on November 8, 1975 in Wyckoff, New Jersey and began her acting career at a young age. Reid’s first broke into the entertainment business in 1982 when she became a regular on a children's game show called "Child's Play". Reid subsequently appeared in over 100 commercials for companies such as Jell-O, McDonald's, and Crayola.

Reid took a break from acting throughout much of the mid-late 1980s and early 1990s as she attended grade school and high school. In 1987 she had a small role in the horror movie, Return to Salem’s Lot. She waited until 1994 to appear in her next role as an extra in one episode of Saved By The Bell: the New Class.

Reid began acquiring other minor roles throughout the mid-1990s, including small roles on TV shows such as Days of Our Lives and California Dreams. Reid was a very attractive young woman at the time and movie producers began taking notice, casting her in small roles in the 1998 major motion pictures The Big Lebowski and Urban Legend. Reid followed up with her star-making role as "Vicky Lathum" in the 1999 smash hit comedy, American Pie. She also appeared in the hit movie Cruel Intentions in 1999.

Fans of American Pie were enamored with Reid. She was a beautiful young woman and was generally regarded as one of the most attractive actresses in Hollywood. Despite her good looks, however, most people thought that she was a horrible actress. After American Pie, Reid followed up with big roles in several box office flops, such as Body Shots (1999), Just Visiting (2001), and Josie and the Pussycats (2001). Josie and the Pussycats was a huge flop, costing $39 million to produce but garnering only $14 million worldwide at the box office. Reid’s career was rejuvenated in 2002, however, by a small appearance in American Pie 2 and by a major role in Van Wilder.

Reid’s acting career has been on a downward trajectory in 2002, however, likely due to her well-publicized penchant for excessive drinking and partying. She has had numerous acting roles since 2002, but none are very notable. She had a recurring role during the 2004-05 season of Scrubs, but her character was written off after the season due to conflicts reportedly caused by her off-camera lifestyle. Reid had a well-publicized relationship and engagement with Carson Daly that ended in 2001, likely as a result of her partying.

Reid was offered a job hosting Taradise, a spin-off of the travel show Wild On, in 2005. However, Taradise was canceled after only eight episodes, reportedly due to the excessive costs of Reid’s partying associated with her role.

Over the past few years, the roles offered to Reid have been few and far between. Her best roles have been in poorly reviewed straight-to-DVD flicks such as Silent Partner (2005) and Clean Break (2008).

Reid is undoubtedly aware of her lack of acting ability and knew that the best way to remain successful in Hollywood was by maintain her good looks for as long as possible. This realization apparently made Reid feel extremely insecure, leading her to undergo many plastic surgeries that were completely unnecessary and disfigured her.

In 2004, Reid had a boob job. Reid has claimed that "asked for big Bs" but that her plastic surgeon instead gave her C’s, which she did not want. Reid also had a procedure called “body contouring” which was performed by the same plastic surgeon. This surgery disfigured Reid’s stomach, giving it a rippled look, as shown below. Reid claims that she was unable to wear a bikini on camera and lost acting roles as a result.

Reid apparently began hanging out with/dating other people whose stomachs looked even weirder than hers in an effort to take the attention off her. (This is a tactic similar to the one used by fat women who hang out with even fatter women so that they look thin/normal in comparison.) Reid had to undergo subsequent surgeries to fix her botched plastic surgery.

In 2004 Reid suffered ridicule when she was on the red carpet at a party to celebrate P. Diddy’s 35th birthday. Reid was waving to cameras when her left dress strap rolled off her shoulder, revealing her left breast. Various photographs of Reid’s surgically enhanced breast were snapped and published throughout the Internet.

Reid had a growing reputation as a party girl at the time and was known to hang out with other famous party girls such as Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton. Reid cemented this "party girl" reputation when she appeared on Taradise. Reid has claimed that her appearance on Taradise irreparably ruined her career. Reid stayed true to her reputation in 2007 Reid when she was lost a lot of weight and was reportedly hospitalized for alcohol abuse. Reid also checked into rehab in November 2008 to deal with alcoholism and anorexia. After a 60-day stay, she was released and reportedly sold her story to In Touch Weekly for $150,000.

Reid’s partying lifestyle and botched surgeries have taken a toll on her public image. At the height of her fame earlier this decade, Reid reportedly commanded $60,000 per appearance (according to People Magazine), but by late 2008 was struggling to bring in $1,500 (according to Us Weekly). As a result of her excessive partying and botched surgeries, Reid’s acting career is practically on life support. Accordingly, Tara Reid is undoubtedly one washed-up celebrity!