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Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode VI)

Episode VI - May 27, 2007

The sixth episode of Celebrity Fit Club began where the fifth episode had ended. Right after his blow-up with Harvey that occurred at the end of the fifth episode, Diamond was shown packing up his clothes in a bedroom while Ross the Intern tried to talk to him. Diamond vented his anger and said the following to Ross:

“Maybe I’ll just stick around and piss people off. If that’s the way it is, then that’s the way it is. If I can cause this much turmoil by speaking then fuck yeah dude. That’s funny. Like if Kimberley and I get into it, then I don’t give a fuck … You [, Kimberley,] need a dick, you need a dick.”

Ross told Diamond he didn’t agree with what Diamond was saying. He told Diamond to be a “big boy” and accept responsibility for his failures on the show.

When Diamond’s belonging were packed up, he left and then the remaining cast members returned to the weigh-in room so that Kimberley Locke could be weighed in. Ant mentioned that Tiffany left because Diamond’s outburst had upset her so much. Kimberley complained about what a jerk Diamond was while she was being weighed.

After Kimberley’s weigh in, the cast was shown one week later in Malibu. Diamond was noticeably absent from this portion of the episode and it was unclear as to whether he had officially quit the show. The seven remaining contestants vented about how much they disliked Diamond for his childish behavior in the previous episode.

Tiffany said that she was shocked by Diamond’s comments. Da Brat said that she was pissed off with Diamond. Maureen McCormick mentioned that Diamond’s joke during the previous episode about retarded people made her go over the edge because her brother is mentally handicapped.

Kimberley said that everyone needed a break from Diamond and “He made it very clear that he is here is save his career right now and he is trying to maximize that aspect of his appearance on the show.

The cast then competed in an event at a Malibu ropes course where everyone was tied to a rope and had to climb up a pole and walk across a log way up in the air and then jump off and swing by the rope. It’s too bad that Diamond wasn’t there for this event, because he probably would have crapped his pants!

During the subsequent weigh-in, Harvey told Ross, “Dustin’s a waste of sperm.” The seven contestants present were weighed in and then an interview with Dustin that was taken in a limousine was shown. Diamond was somewhat incoherent and provided an odd interview during which he droned on and on about nothing. Diamond said the following during the interview:

“I’ve been eating what I eat, and I think the greatest victory is a victory of self. Dogs are rewarded … treats … you call them prizes. Life without conflict is nirvana, and that is what man has been searching for since the dawn of time … There’s a saying I like – ‘He who speaks does not know. He who knows does not speak.’”

Finally, the episode ended. VH1 showed a preview for the next episode while the credits were playing. Diamond does return in next week's episode much the chagrin of the other contestants. Apparently everyone finds out that Diamond is taking a weight loss drug and become very upset with him!

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Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy, born November 29, 1962, is an actor best known for his role in mid-1980s teen flicks such as Class, St. Elmo's Fire, and Pretty in Pink. McCarthy was a member of the "Brat Pack," a group of young and immature but successful actors who starred primarily in movies directed at teenagers during the 1980s.

McCarthy played a "cool," popular kid in his movies, but I never bought it. He seemed like a scrawny and annoying punk in the movies I saw with him. However, for some reason women fawned all of over him in the movies. In Class, the hot married mother of his high school boarding school roommate, Rob Lowe, chased after him and they engaged in an affair. In St. Elmo's Fire, he hooked with Ally Sheedy's character, and in Pretty in Pink, he hooked up with Molly Ringwald's character. I personally thought that these hookups were not believable and never thought for one second that any of those women would really go for a guy like McCarthy.

Apparently the rest of the public and movie producers agreed with me. I believe this because McCarthy's love interest in his next movie was a mannequin in the campy 1987 movie, Mannequin! McCarthy hooking up with an inanimate mannequin is very easy for me to believe, because it isn't like she could ward off his advances!

McCarthy's career was on a conspicuous downward trajectory after Mannequin. His last big roles were in the 1989 movie Weekend At Bernie's and its 1993 sequel, Weekend At Bernie's II, where McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman played a couple of young executives who needed to create the illusion that their murdered boss, Bernie Lomax, was alive in order to avoid being questioned about it. Those movies were critically panned and basically spelled the end of McCarthy's career as a movie star.

McCarthy has had some minor roles in movies and TV shows over the past 15 years, but he is clearly no longer a headliner. McCarthy apparently tried to drown his sorrows in alcohol and admitted to being an alcoholic for many years and claimed that he missed the first Bush presidency (from 1988-1992) due to his alcoholism. All of this makes Andrew McCarthy one washed-up celebrity!

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Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode V)

Episode V - May 20, 2007

The fifth episode of Celebrity Fit Club began with a dance marathon at a dance studio. Each team was broken up into two pairs of dancers, and the last pair dancing at the end of the competition was to win, and a contribution was to be made to a charity designated by the winning team.

Diamond was paired with Tiffany. About 90 minutes into the competition, Diamond stopped briefly to drink some water and Ant told him that he stopped dancing and was out of the competition. Diamond whined to Ant that he was still moving and therefore hadn’t stopped dancing. Diamond had a little tantrum and was being such a little bitch that the entire dancing competition was ended prematurely because of the scene Diamond caused. During his little blow-up Diamond threatened Ant to a physical competition.

The producers were forced to select a winner based on dancing ability because Diamond had ruined the competition. Cledus Judd and Kimberley Locke were chosen as the winning pair in the dancing competition.

Next, the contestants all had their weigh-ins. Before Diamond was weighed in, a brief video taken before the weigh-in was shown. Apparently Maureen McCormick saw Diamond eating a doughnut and was pissed about it because she thought Diamond wasn’t taking the show seriously. Diamond was then shown saying:

I can’t stand all these fucking people…Fuck ‘em in the ass with a colonic!

Diamond was then weighed in and turned in his most pathetic performance to date, gaining 5lbs of fat from the previous weigh in. When asked to explain his failure, Diamond offered an array of excuses, complaining that he had been traveling and meeting producers at the Sundance film festival who had been buying him nice dinners.

Next, a clip was shown of Diamond at a porn convention where Diamond was advertising his Screeched porn video. In the clip, Diamond fake wife Jennifer was shown bringing Diamond a huge cheeseburger to eat. Diamond also claimed that he was going to sell a dildo of his penis. He said:

When you have four feet of Screech in your pants people say ‘why don’t you mold it and sell it.’ … I might give one to Kimberley Locke. She needs one.

Everyone was shocked when this clip was played and Kimberley started crying as a result of Diamond’s crude comments. Diamond then said to Stacey Kaiser, the Celebrity Fit Club psychotherapist, “I would give you one though, Stacey. I would give you one of my products.

Diamond became very upset when Stacey pointed out that Diamond’s earlier comments about being victimized by someone selling the porn tape didn’t jive with his appearance at the porn convention where he was advertising the tape. Diamond maintained his bullshit story that he had nothing to do with the tape’s distribution and that the tape was recorded 4 years earlier.

Ant subsequently chimed in that Diamond’s story was illogical and that he was either a “porn star” or at least a “porn peddler.”

Diamond was visibly irritated and replied “[n]ow I’m arguing with a short guy?” Apparently that was supposed to be a funny joke and Diamond thought he really “zinged” Ant with that insult. Diamond also said "[w]hen retarded people fall, it's funny, it's f'ing hilarious!"

Finally, Diamond had the following exchange with the trainer, Harvey, which escalated to the point at which Harvey had to be restrained from giving Diamond a substantial beating:

Diamond – “I challenged [Ant] to physical combat … for his bullshit call [in the dance competition.]”

Harvey – “No, you’re fucking not gonna touch Ant, alright?”

Diamond – “If he agrees to combat … if you agreed to combat I’d fight you, [Harvey.]”

Harvey – “And I’d wear your fucking ass out.”

Diamond – “Would you?”

Harvey (incredulous) – “You want to go toe-to-toe with me?”

Diamond – “Would you?”

Harvey (screaming) – “How are you gonna go from fuckin’ Ant to me? You must be out of your fucking fatass South Park cartoon mind! I’d wear your fucking ass out! You must be out of your stupid ass mind! Your fucking target weight loss for the next God damn weigh-in is 3 pounds! Get your fat ass out of here! 3 pounds! Get the fuck out of here man! … You are full of shit! … I will beat your ass! ... Don’t you ever threaten me!!! … Don’t you ever in your fucking life ever fucking threaten me, bitch! ‘Cause I will wear your fucking ass out! Take that to your porn convention! … Who the fuck does he think he is?!!”

During the final exchange with Harvey, Diamond refused to leave the scale and was being an annoying little bitch. Eventually Diamond left the weigh-in room.

During the playing of the Diamond videos and Diamond’s exchange with Harvey, 6 of the other 7 contestants (everyone except Ross the Intern) all walked off the set because they were so upset with Diamond. They were shown in a dressing room and Kimberley Locke made a call to someone crying and saying how much she didn’t like Diamond and how Diamond wanted to give her a dildo. Da Brat was shown telling everyone how annoying Diamond is.

The episode eventually ended and a preview was shown of next week’s episode. It appears as though Diamond manages to piss off more people in the next episode! I can’t wait!

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Emily Schulman

Emily Schulman , born August 17, 1977, is a former child star best known for her role as Harriet Brindle on the mid-late 1980s syndicated sitcom, Small Wonder. Harriet was the annoying neighbor of Jamie Lawson (played by fellow washed-up celebrity Jerry Supiran).

Harriet was one of the most annoying characters in television history. She was the "Screech" of Small Wonder, never saying anything funny and just serving to annoy everyone. (Harriet even wore Converse high-tops, just like Screech!) Her annoyingness notwithstanding, I will admit that some funny moments did occur when she would come to Jamie's kitchen door to see him and then he would slam the door right in her face.

Schulman somehow managed to land some other decent roles after the 1988 cancellation of Small Wonder, usually as an annoying little girl. She had roles in the motion picture Troop Beverly Hills, and small roles on TV shows such as ALF, The Wonder Years, and an ABC Afterschool Special. In 1995 she landed a major role in the drama Christy. (I have to admit I had never ever heard of Christy until I looked at Schulman's IMDB bio, although it must have been a fairly sucessful show.)

Schulman has not landed any roles since the cancellation of Christy. When acting roles dried up, Schulman became a theatrical agent and current works for the ACME Talent Agency in Los Angeles.

Schulman was never a cute kid on Small Wonder and the 19 years since the show was cancelled have not been kind, as Father Time has been giving her a good ass kicking. She did, however, marry a guy named Derek Webster a few years ago. Here is a picture from her wedding:

It's probably a good thing that she switched from acting to being an agent, because she easily looks a good 10 years older than her actual age of 29 and kind of resembles a witch in the picture on the lower right-hand side.

For the reasons discussed above, Emily Schulman is one washed-up celebrity!

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Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode IV)

Episode IV - May 13, 2007

The fourth episode of Celebrity Fit Club took place at a ski lodge in Keystone, Colorado. Ant instructed each member of each of the teams to nominate one person on their respective team to trade to the opposing team. The women’s team nominated Kimberley Locke. The men’s team voted for Diamond to switch to the other team. Everyone on Diamond’s team (other than himself) voted for Diamond. Da Brat was visibly annoyed with Warren G for selecting Diamond because she clearly did not want to be on the same team as him.

Next, Diamond and Kimberley were each allowed to select one person from their previous team to join them on their new team. Diamond selected Ross the Intern and Kimberley selected Da Brat. Da Brat seemed to be ecstatic to be off of the same team as Diamond.

A side interview was subsequently shown with Diamond where Diamond implied that the reason Kimberly chose Da Brat is because she and Kimberly are a couple of lesbians.

Kimberly was then shown complaining that “Dustin’s always talking shit.” And DaBrat added “who cares what Dustin says?

The new teams then competed against each other in a race. Each team competed in a timed competition involving cross-country skiing, walking with snow shoes, and traveling on the snow on an inner tube. Kimberley’s team went first and then Diamond’s team started. Diamond got off to an early start in the skiing leg. However, Diamond fell and several people busted up laughing. Diamond got back up but was absolutely dead weight because he is so unbelievably out of shape. When Diamond was walking in the snow shoes he was clearly laboring and appeared to be winded even though he appeared to be barely even moving his chunky body.

Not surprisingly, Diamond’s team lost the competition and his slowness was a major factor, as Tiffany and the chubby Ross the Intern finished well ahead of him.

Next, all of the contestants were moved inside the lodge for the weigh-in ceremony. During Kimberly’s weigh-in she initially said that she was a little bit emotional when her team had voted her off, but said “It was a blessing in disguise … I didn’t want to be on the team with Dustin.” Diamond had an annoyed look on his face when Kimberley was saying this.

Diamond performed well during his weigh-in and was happy with his 8lb loss and was pleased that his weight was now down to 200lbs. Diamond lifted his shirt and jacked a little bit and said, “check that ass,” causing the members of the other team to roll their eyes.

During his weigh in Diamond was asked why he thought his former team had voted him off. Diamond stated "I know I’m abrasive… Eating habits were a major factor.” During the weigh-in Diamond was upset when Harvey told him that his target for the next weigh-in was 6 lbs. When the weigh loss panel replied that his target goal for the entire show was to eventually get down to 184lbs, Diamond became irate and appeared as though he was going to lose control, as he claimed he was only supposed to get down to 187 lbs.

All in all, it was a relatively uneventful show. However, the preview for the next episode looks great. Harvey apparently screams at Diamond during the next episode and calls him a “bitch.” I can’t wait!

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Chris Burke

Chris Burke is an actor best known for his role as "Corky" on the moderately successful 1989-1993 family drama Life Goes On. Burke is unique among actors in that he is suffering from Down Syndrome. Despite his handicaps, he has managed to accomplish quite a bit during his life and acting career.

Chris Burke should be commended for doing what he's done, overcoming his conspicuous disabilities. He is an inspiration to all people suffering from mental handicaps. This post focuses on Burke's career, not his mental handicaps over which he has no control.

Burke was born on August 26, 1965 in Point Lookout, New York. His parents were told to institutionalize him when he was born, but they decided to raise him at home and nurture his talents. During the early 1980's, public schools were not mainstreaming students with disabilities into the general population and there were no good private education programs for disabled students in the area, so Burke was sent to board at the Don Guanella School in Springfield, Pennsylvania and he graduated in 1985. After graduation he worked as an elevator operator and did volunteer work.

Burke first set his sights on becoming a tap dancer. He later switched to acting while at the Don Guanella School. He was further inspired by attending night classes, going through auditions, writing scripts, and reading books.

Burke's his first acting work was in the ABC movie Desperate. ABC network executives were moved by his performance and created Life Goes On with Burke's character as the main role.

In Life Goes On, Burke's Corky character was sent to a public high school with normal kids. The show generally focused on Corky's troubles and how he strived to be accepted and fit in with the other kids. In one of the episodes, Corky was shown lip-synching and dancing to Public Enemy song, Fight The Power:

Burke also achieved literary success while he was on Life Goes On. In 1992, Burke wrote an autobiography, the New York Times Best-Seller, A Special Kind of Hero.

Burke has acted sporadically since the cancellation of Life Goes On in 1993, primarily appearing in minor roles on TV shows and movies. His more notable roles include his role as a custodian in Mona Lisa Smile in 2003 and a role in 2002 on ER.

Burke has been touring with a band in recent years. His band mates are twins Joe and John Demasi (collectively, "the Demasi twins"):

Unfortunately, it appears as though the Demasi twins are taking advantage of Burke's fame for their own selfish needs. The Demasi twins also look like a couple of freaky weirdos. Here is a video of Burke and the Demasi twins performing. Even though Burke is supposedly the star of the band, the Demasi twins are hogging the camera time. I sure hope that Burke keeps his wits about himself and protects the children from the Demasi twins!

Edit - June 25, 2007

The original video I had linked was of Chris and the DeMasi twins singing to some mentally handicapped kids at a camp or school. Unfortunately, that video was deleted from YouTube. Here is a different clip of Chris and the DeMasi twins performing:

The Demasi twins are even worse than I thought! According to a Down Syndrome website, Chris Burke "met the DeMasi twins, 47, when he was 13 and they were music counselors at a day camp." I sure hope that Chris is a chaperone at this camp and protects the kids from the weirdo DeMasi twins!!

Chris Burke's career peaked with Life Goes On and he has accomplished far more than anyone could have expected when he was born. However, by hooking up with the Demasi twins who appear to be taking advantage of him, Burke has become one washed-up celebrity!

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Jerry Supiran

Jerry Supiran is a former child star best known for his role as Jamie Lawson on the mid-late 1980s syndicated sitcom, Small Wonder. Anyone who was a pre-teen during the mid-late 1980s probably watched Small Wonder from time to time. I personally did not have cable TV until I got to college, so I was at the mercy of whatever reruns or TV shows were available on the broadcast TV channels.

Small Wonder was one of the strangest TV shows ever created. A surprise hit in syndication, the show centered on the Lawson family. Jamie Lawson's parents on the show were Ted and Joan Lawson, played by Dick Christie and Marla Pennington, respectively. Ted Lawson worked as an engineer/inventor for United Robotronics, working on a robot for assisting handicapped children. He invented the robot called Voice Input Child Identicant ("V.I.C.I.," pronounced "Vicki"), an android the looked like a 10-year-old girl. (Vickie was played by Tiffany Brissette.) The Lawson family pretended that Vicki was the family's adopted daughter.

The show was generally focused on Vicki and her interactions with Jamie and other kids. Supiran's character, Jamie, was kind of annoying and very smarmy and appeared to be somewhat slimy. He seemed like the type of kid who couldn't be trusted. Apparently Supiran's character seemed like this because in real life, Supiran was a bit of a rascal.

The executive producer of Small Wonder, Howard Leeds, said the following about Supiran:

"Jerry Supiran was a mischievous tyke who bugged the crew but was a good little actor."

Supiran acted on Small Wonder from 1985 until its cancellation in 1988. Supiran was actually a fairly successful child and acted in many other roles during the 1980s. He had guest starring roles in several noted sitcoms of the era such as Little House on the Prairie, Mr. Belvedere, Newhart, and Archie Bunker's Place. He also had roles in the motion picture Uncommon Valor and in various TV movies such as Policewoman Centerfold and Love Thy Neighbor.

Despite his success during the 1980s, Supiran has not had even a single acting role since the cancellation of Small Wonder in 1988. I've searched long and hard to find recent info of Supiran to find out what he has been up to. Unfortunately, most of what I found are merely unverified rumors. According to one rumor, Supiran hates the Small Wonder show and refuses to even talk about it and has moved to New England where he does graphic design for a major food retailer. There are other rumors that he has been a roadie for the band Alice in Chains, was actually Billy Corgan from the rock band Smashing Pumpkins, or that he encountered financial difficulties and now works at a Taco Bell somewhere in California (one can only wonder if he's ever run into fellow washed-up celebrity Dustin Diamond at the same Taco Bell).

Regardless of what he's doing right now, there should be no doubt that Jerry Supiran one washed-up celebrity!

*** Update - May 20, 2009 ***

Jerry Supiran seems like a decent guy and recently contacted me and sent me a blurb to let me know what he's been doing. He mentioned that rumors of his death have been greatly exaggerated that that he is very much alive. He also mentioned that he quit acting in 1987 because he wanted to go back to school. Jerry has had several different jobs over the years. Three years ago he broke his back when he was thrown from a racehorse at a ranch that he was managing. Jerry was also a chef at an upscale Mediterranea restaurant in California for awhile.

Jerry says that he is in love with a girl named Kelly Boland. He also loves to golf and if anyone really wants to find him, they should look for him on a golf course. He also mentioned that he does not sing in the Smashing Pumpkins, although he wishes that he could sing like the lead singer, Billy Corgan.

Jerry says that someone stole his identity twice and ruined his credit rating. Jerry spends his free time helping charitable causes and playing with his niece and nephew, Brody and Kelsey.

Jerry Supiran has a Twitter account. Jerry also sent me this recent picture of himself:

*** Update - May 31, 2012 ***

Jerry is apparently homeless and living under a bridge in central California.  He claims to be broke as a result of various incidences - when he was 18 years old a stripper stole his trust fund and that one of his advisers stole $500,000 from him.  Jerry worked at steakhouses for much of the past 15 years until he was laid off in 2010 from a restaurant in Henderson, NV and has been unable to find work since then. 

Jerry told the National Inquirer,

I had to move back to central California, where my brother lives with his family, and while he helps me with hot meals and a shower, he doesn't have the room for me to stay there. So I either sleep at the homeless shelter I volunteer at, or under a local bridge.

Here is a photo of Jerry living on the streets that was published by the National Inquirer:

*** Update - August 19, 2013 ***

TMZ tracked down Jerry Supiran a few months ago and broadcast this video:

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Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode III)

Episode III - May 6, 2007

The third episode of Celebrity Fit Club began with the men's team competing against the women's team in a kayaking competition. During the competition, one member of the women’s team competed against one member of the men’s team. The women were given a slight head start to account for the fact that men naturally have more muscle than women.

There were four races (each team member had to participate in a race), followed by one additional race to decide the winner because the teams were tied with two victories apiece after the first four races. Diamond had to race against his nemesis, Kimberly Locke. Prior to the race Diamond continued his trash talk from the previous episode. Regarding Kimberley, Diamond said, "Paddling is good for her. You know, I think the wet suit helps the jiggle, and that’s…that’s a good thing."

Diamond’s race was the third of the round. During the race right before his, Ross the Intern raced against Tiffany while Diamond yelled some trash talk at Tiffany. Tiffany was so upset by Diamond’s trash talk that she angrily flipped him off.

When it finally came time for Diamond to race Kimberly, the camera showed Diamond sitting in his kayak and the show’s host, Ant, said “and Dustin made sure he had plenty of gas in the tank" then aired an audio clip of Diamond ripping a nasty fart. During the race, Diamond started out strong but faded down the stretch in an absolutely pathetic athletic display. Nobody would accuse Kimberly Locke of being an athlete, but she destroyed the weak Diamond toward the end of the race, as she pulled away from him after he had caught up with her halfway through the race.

Afterward, Kimberly celebrated and Diamond vented his frustration and continued his trash talk, saying “A big girl needs to celebrate. So let her celebrate, eat some cake and HoHo’s. You know she’s hungry, and we’ll write it off like that.

After the kayaking competition was complete, the cast was subsequently shown in the weigh-in room and the tempers flared as the cast was shown a tape of Diamond’s trash-talking from the previous show. The tape showed all of Diamond’s snide remarks about the other cast-members that were played during the previous episode. It also showed some comments that were not aired previously, such as Diamond saying the following about Kimberly: "She is a nobody. If it was eight of her on here, nobody would watch this fucking show."

After the tape was played Diamond complained about how everyone had been treating him and said he didn’t like the way that DaBrat had said that she didn’t like him during the previous weigh-in. Brat then aired her grievance with Diamond and then Cledus responded. The following verbal exchange took place between Cledus and Diamond:

Cledus – “If I got to respond to what I just saw on that TV, if I responded, you know, the way that we do where I’m from and maybe kind of like where [Warren] G’s from, I would just stand up and whip his ass or try to.”

Diamond – “And that would be prison time.”

Cledus – “Well that would be fine too. It would be well worth it.”

Diamond – “That’s not a smart move.”

Cledus – “I’d serve 10 days to whip your ass.”

Diamond – “I’m being physically threatened on a show. Lawyer time!”

Cledus – “I think it’s wrong to sell t-shirts to pay for your fucking house.”

Kimberly then chimed in to discuss how Diamond was totally different when the other cast-members weren’t around and he was talking trash in interviews. Kimberly said:

“That in itself is a sickness. Two-face backstabbing people who will smile in your face one day and eat you up the next. That’s why I don’t have anything to do with you, Dustin, because [you’re] low-down, and that’s the bottom line.

You talk about losers. Let’s talk about losers. Ok. Let’s talk about ‘I’m a child star and now I’ve got a porn tape on TV and selling t-shirts to pay my house.’ That’s a fucking loser.”

Diamond replied that he had a better record deal than Kimberly. He claimed to have just signed a record deal with Universal Records to record a comedy album.

Next, Diamond walked up to the scale to be weighed. Diamond weighed in at 208lbs, the same as during the last weigh-in. When he heard the weight, Diamond said, “I don’t believe that,” and seriously irritated Dr. Ian Smith. Smith angrily replied

“You’re not even worth our time. … You step on the scale, you lost no weight. You’re the one, the genius, who said you can eat hot dogs and pizza and wine and beer. You didn’t lose any weight, Dustin, and no one is surprised by that. And then you are now going to say that the scale is faulty. No one in the history of the show has ever said that the scale was faulty.”

Diamond was visibly upset and said, "I didn’t sign up for this," and then took off his microphone, walked off the set, and said he was quitting the show. Ross the Intern, Warren G, and Ant all went over to talk to the immature Diamond. Diamond complained about being threatened by Cledus, but was eventually convinced to stay on the show.

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