Sunday, May 27, 2007

Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance - Episode VI)

Episode VI - May 27, 2007

The sixth episode of Celebrity Fit Club began where the fifth episode had ended. Right after his blow-up with Harvey that occurred at the end of the fifth episode, Diamond was shown packing up his clothes in a bedroom while Ross the Intern tried to talk to him. Diamond vented his anger and said the following to Ross:

“Maybe I’ll just stick around and piss people off. If that’s the way it is, then that’s the way it is. If I can cause this much turmoil by speaking then fuck yeah dude. That’s funny. Like if Kimberley and I get into it, then I don’t give a fuck … You [, Kimberley,] need a dick, you need a dick.”

Ross told Diamond he didn’t agree with what Diamond was saying. He told Diamond to be a “big boy” and accept responsibility for his failures on the show.

When Diamond’s belonging were packed up, he left and then the remaining cast members returned to the weigh-in room so that Kimberley Locke could be weighed in. Ant mentioned that Tiffany left because Diamond’s outburst had upset her so much. Kimberley complained about what a jerk Diamond was while she was being weighed.

After Kimberley’s weigh in, the cast was shown one week later in Malibu. Diamond was noticeably absent from this portion of the episode and it was unclear as to whether he had officially quit the show. The seven remaining contestants vented about how much they disliked Diamond for his childish behavior in the previous episode.

Tiffany said that she was shocked by Diamond’s comments. Da Brat said that she was pissed off with Diamond. Maureen McCormick mentioned that Diamond’s joke during the previous episode about retarded people made her go over the edge because her brother is mentally handicapped.

Kimberley said that everyone needed a break from Diamond and “He made it very clear that he is here is save his career right now and he is trying to maximize that aspect of his appearance on the show.

The cast then competed in an event at a Malibu ropes course where everyone was tied to a rope and had to climb up a pole and walk across a log way up in the air and then jump off and swing by the rope. It’s too bad that Diamond wasn’t there for this event, because he probably would have crapped his pants!

During the subsequent weigh-in, Harvey told Ross, “Dustin’s a waste of sperm.” The seven contestants present were weighed in and then an interview with Dustin that was taken in a limousine was shown. Diamond was somewhat incoherent and provided an odd interview during which he droned on and on about nothing. Diamond said the following during the interview:

“I’ve been eating what I eat, and I think the greatest victory is a victory of self. Dogs are rewarded … treats … you call them prizes. Life without conflict is nirvana, and that is what man has been searching for since the dawn of time … There’s a saying I like – ‘He who speaks does not know. He who knows does not speak.’”

Finally, the episode ended. VH1 showed a preview for the next episode while the credits were playing. Diamond does return in next week's episode much the chagrin of the other contestants. Apparently everyone finds out that Diamond is taking a weight loss drug and become very upset with him!

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Deucer said...

What an arrogant shit. It's hardly surprising that the Internet is chock full of people just yearning to take a nice, meaty shit right on his ugly lying face.

FUCK YOU DUSTIN DIAMOND!! Learn some humility or you'll get yours in the end.

diamondcutter said...

...and people wonder why so many people have hated him for so long...

JewveBeenFramed said...

Him and that Intern guy have a real close relationship. It's obvious that Screech is confused and is lashing out all over the place.

Dustbin loves to see himself as some sort of philosophising genius, but that interview exposed him as an arrogant simpleminded moron. The phrase it's better to keep your mouth shut than open it and remove all doubt that your a queer twat.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stand him on saved by the bell, and my annoyance has grown to the point where any time he comes onto the tv, I change the channel.

Anonymous said...

Check it out, Dustin Diamond just got arrested!

Anonymous said...

I wish that was true

Anonymous said...

Hey Movie Fan future suggestion for a washed up profile (give this one about two or three years though) Frankie Munoz that punk from Malcolm in the Middle. Show's been off the air now for a few years, and dude's career has slowed waaay down. Job offers start coming in less frequent, money starts running out, the bottle becomes his only friend. Yeah give it some time and soon enough you'll be writing about his alcohol and crack fueled fall from grace. Aside from that though, love the blog, you're funny as hell. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

This Jews always been a prick.