Monday, April 23, 2007

Dustin Diamond (2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance)

As you have probably already heard, Dustin Diamond is appearing on the fifth season of Celebrity Fit Club. There have already been several reports published about how the enitre cast hated Diamond and how Diamond was a real jerk and obnoxious to other people on the show. I was initially going to edit the previous Dustin Diamond entry (i.e., Dustin Diamond (2000-present)), but I decided that Diamond was going to provide more than enough material to justify an entire new post. Moreover, the previous entry was getting really long.

Be sure to check back periodically, as I will provide an episode summary after each episode of the show. My summaries will be focused on Diamond's actions on the show as well as his interactions with other cast-members.

Episode I Summary
Episode II Summary
Episode III Summary
Episode IV Summary
Episode V Summary
Episode VI Summary
Episode VII Summary
Episode VIII Summary

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Anonymous said...

Man, Diamond is such a douche. I wish that black guy would jump over the table and force an all sperm diet on Diamond. Of course he probably got so fat from gobbling up Slater and Belding's jizzum all day long...the beef and chedders didn't help either.

Anonymous said...

What a complete tool. Still I'm really glad he's too fucking lazy to lose weight, that big ol' ghetto booty of his is SUCH a turn-on. I like something to grab hold of when I'm going to town.

Anonymous said...

haha, this is too hilarious for words!

Kurt Steinberg said...

Diamond looks like he's pregnant. Did Mr. Belding impregnate Diamond with a butt-baby? Belding's seed is quite potent.

Anonymous said...

I heard it's Mr. Tuttle's baby, then I heard that it was Milo the janitors little mixed part mud baby.

My sister has that scary thing in the background in the one pic. If you put batteries inside of it, it's eyes glow.

Anonymous said...

Dustin is trying to act all tough! I'll "trust the dust", trust him to take my dick all the way up! Screech is going to get such an anal pumping the next time I see him. Little bitch.

Anonymous said...

Dah, I be taking mah dick and putsing it into him! I hates tha jew so much! Can yousee spare a dime? I needs mah crak yo

Anonymous said...

The more I watch that video the more I realise that Scritch is having a major flashback to the days of the rowdy Saved by the Bell set. You can tell that the black dude is totally taking the role of Belding while the other guys are assuming the position of AC Slater, Zach and the other Bayside Geeks. They're like a pack of wolves surrounding Scrotch, ready to leap on his arsehole and pump him full of hot, hot manlove.

Anonymous said...

now this loser is starting his own talent agency!

what happened to him being in "debt"?

Anonymous said...

^^my last link didn't work sooooooooo let me try this


Anonymous said...

Schreech was recently arrested while on drugs, dressed like a woman and eating a turd. Check it out.

Anonymous said...


If I lived next to Dustin, I would definitely pay him a visit! His old address, 124 GRANDVIEW DR PORT WASHINGTON WI 53074, OZAUKEE COUNTY is the old location that I believe was foreclosed on.

I believe his NEW address is near Milwaukee at:

8638 S Shepard Ave
Oak Creek, WI 53154-3204
ph:(414) 764-1266

This address was posted online by a former friend of Dustin's that he screwed over! It would be a lot of fun to go challenge him to "physical combat" in person, or at least do some good old fashioned vandalism!

Or, you could always mess with his '97 Expedition, License plate# 108 EJG

This information came from a title search:

Motor Vehicles Registered To Subject:
Description: 1997 Ford Expedition - 4 Dr Wagon Sport Utility
License Plate: 108EJG
VIN: 1FMFU18L6VLB27047
State of Origin: Wisconsin
Title Number: 02268P5003
Engine Size: 330
Number of Cylinders: 8
Body: 4 Dr Wagon Sport Utility
Record Type: Historical
Lien Holder: None

This guy's a jerk that deserves everything he gets, if only I lived closer...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dustin is a lazy sack of shit. He didn't think he could reach his target weight so he pleaded with the panel to bring his weight higher. I have never seen a more conceeded, selfish, full-of-shit person in my life. It is truely an embarassment to even say i live in the same state almost in the same county as him. Dustin should take his head out his ass and start facing the facts. He talks about facts and logic and all that bullshit. He doesn't know shit. He should burn in hell with Saddam and they both can play pinch and tickle.

Anonymous said...

I saw this fuckhead on Celebrity Fit Club and just had to say something. What an asshole! Pretty sad when the pinnacle of your career is the character "Screech."

I bet that goatee of yours feels just like a cooter when your boyfriend is skull fucking you. Probably a little scratchy when he is tea bagging though.

saturn96 said...

Dustin is the man!

Anonymous said...

He still CURRENTLY lives in his port washington address.....u can keep up with his CURRENT COURT proceedings on Fox6now .com
A local news channel reporting his court proceedings for a bar fight.....he if found guilty can face 10 YEARS IN JAIL. He stabbed another Port Washington man (courts list his address as current Port Washington addy) & they were gonna foreclosure on his home there, but he was able to get foreclosure DISMISSED by paying up the back amount owed. So Oak Creek addy is NOT his current one.

Go to to view whats going on & keep updated on what a washup he sure has proved to become!!!! Hes been in court since Wed May 27, 2015 & today Fri May 29, 2015 is 3rd day of trial....he takes stand today using self defense as his reason for STABBING the Port Washington man at the bar Dustin got in fight with along with Dustins girlfriend/fiancee number ???? She looks psycho crazy too. Her name is Amanda Schutz she lives with Dustin at his Port Washington house & is at the court proceedings also as she fought with another girl & dang that girl said she punched Amanda (Diamonds girlfriend) in the face. Glad that girl punched her.....she deserved it after NOT letting that girl go when she told Amanda to!!

So thats the latest so keep checking for all the DUSTIN DIAMOND TRIAL UPDATES.