Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Index of Washed Up Celebrities

Alley, Kirstie
Angeles, Jack

Beckham, Brice
Berry, Chuck
Bialik, Mayim
Bonaduce, Danny
Bonsall, Brian
Brancato, Lillo
Bridges, Todd
Brissette, Tiffany
Bryan, Zachary Ty
Burke, Chris

Call, Brandon
Canseco, Jose

Carrot Top (Scott Thompson)
Clay, Andrew Dice
Coleman, Gary
Cooksey, Danny
Creel, Leanna
Culkin, Macaulay

Diamond, Dustin
- The Early Years
- 2000 - Present
- 2007 Celebrity Fit Club Appearance
- 2008 Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp Appearance

Faustino, David
Feldman, Corey
Fisher, Carrie
Foxworth, Jaimee

Garrett, Leif
Garrison, David
Garrison, Lane
Geoffreys, Stephen
Glitter, Gary (Paul Francis Gadd)
Gold, Tracey
Grieco, Richard

Haim, Corey
Haskins, Dennis
Hatch, Richard
Howell, C. Thomas

Jackson, Jeremy
Jones, Jeffrey

Kidder, Margot
Kilmer, Val
Klein, Chris

Lloyd, Jake
Lyonne, Natasha

Macchio, Ralph
Makepeace, Chris
Mathers, Jerry
McCarthy, Andrew
Miller, Jeremy
Moran, Erin

Nielsen, Brigitte

Oliver, Michael
Osment, Haley Joel

Palillo, Ron
Pinchot, Bronson
Pintauro, Danny
Price, Marc

Quaid, Randy

Reid, Tara
Rose, Pete
Rushton, Jared

Sawa, Devon
Schulman, Emily
Schwartz, Scott
Seagal, Steven
Shore, Pauly
Simmons, Richard
Sizemore, Tom
Smith, Taran Noah
Snipes, Wesley
Stone, Rob
Supiran, Jerry
Sweetin, Jodie

Thomas, Jonathan Taylor
Thomas, Philip Michael

Vanilla Ice (Robert Van Winkle)
Voorhies, Lark

White, Jaleel
Williams, Barry
Wright, Max

Yothers, Tina


Anonymous said...

Excellent site - how about investigating the dodgy 90s boy band EYC? Remember them? I think they had about 2 hit singles and seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth now? Are they still alive?!

Movie Fan said...

I have never heard of the band EYC. When were they big?

Anonymous said...

well, they were never *that* big, and now seem to have disappeared entirely. They released a song called 'The Way You Work It' (I think). They were kind of a cheaper, poor-man's NSYNC.

Anonymous said...

Just browse through for some future material - I think earning twenty bucks to listen to abuse from strangers pretty much qualifies you as washed-up

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Jewvedbeenframed is okay? He made no comments whatsoever about the recent ginger winky photograph, and not as much as a beastiality-related innuendo about 'The Great Dane' either - is he still alive? Come back Jewved, we miss you! x

Anonymous said...

Washed up celebrities you should add :

Michael Winslow

Edward Furlong

Anonymous said...

what about Charlie Sheen

Movie Fan said...

^^^ You are correct about Sheen, although I want to wait awhile to see how everything plays out.

The amazing thing about him is that his career was completely washed up and in the toilet until he revived it by appearing on "Two and a Half Men." For him to behave like an infantile prima donna and turn his back on the people who saved his career from the trash bin is just plain pathetic!

I wonder whether he would have suffered from a mental breakdown or maybe even committed suicide if he had never landed to role on "Two and a Half Men" but instead progressed through each year becoming more and more washed up and with fewer and fewer roles being offered to him.

Anonymous said...

Who could forget, except that you seem to have forgotten, Sanjaya!

Anonymous said...

Great list/site, you guys should add Lindsay Lohan to the list. I have more but I'll have to watch a few re-run's of those best of the 1980's and 19990's shows on VH1.

Anonymous said...

Whats about Wil Wheaton (Enterprise) or Justin Whalin (Lois&Clark)?

Anonymous said...

Holy shitballs! This is the fucking funniest site/blog ever! I don't know how I've missed it all these years, but, dude, please write more ASAP! Between your writing and the comments, I laughed my ass off all day! Having worked many years in the industry, I've met more than a few of these "washed up celebs" so I have to go back and add my comments because some of them are spot on! LMAO! Please tell me you are working on a new one right now!

alienbob21 said...

What about Sally Struthers? Went from all in the family to the Christian Children Fund to barely getting any work at all and talk about putting on weight...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Joe Penny? He was on two 1980's shows called "Riptide" and "Jake & The Fatman". He also was in several TV movies.

Anonymous said...

How about Fred Savage and Jason Hervey from The Wonder Years

Anonymous said...

Amazing blog. You should really consider adding Amanda Bynes, She is hitting rock bottom these days...

Anonymous said...

Does Zac Effron count as a washed up celeb or is he on the way back??? When will the highschool musical kids start getting on here? Disney sure knows how to pump out these washed up child stars....How about the cast of the Rosanne show? The little boy on rosanne? DJ conner? I bet he's a big one...I bet he looks like rosanne.....

Anonymous said...

Add lindsay lohan, paris hilton(hardly a celebrity) nick nolte,jason donavan, richard dean anderson,Jan micheal vicent,mel gibson,nicolas cage,whoopy goldburg and david hasselhoff and tom welling(smallville)

Mik said...

Keith coogan hasnt been able to find work in years. Now he and his wife are trying to get the Pinky Love Coogan tv show. She is basically a celebrity hound who takes pictures with every type of actor she can find. Jeffrey Jones to Daniel Radcliffe. Keith Hasnt worked in years, bald and fat now. Looks like Uncle Fester now

TiBr said...

No new posts. Washed up blogger?