Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tom Sizemore

Tom Sizemore is a versatile actor who has acting in many major motion pictures since the late 1980s. Born in 1961, Sizemore is known for his intense character portrayals. He has had notable roles in popular movies such as Passenger 57, True Romance, Heat, Enemy of the State, Pearl Harbor, Black Hawk Down, and Paparazzi, to name just a few.

I personally thought that Sizemore was perfect in Heat, Enemy of the State, and Paparazzi. He played villains in all three and made his characters very believable and very unlikable. Sizemore is arguably one of the underrated actors of his generation.

Sizemore also fronts the Hollywood rock band Day 8. The band, formed in 2002, has recorded a 4-song EP. Several of the band's practically unlistenable songs can be heard on the band's MySpace page.

Sizemore has achieved enviable professional and monetary success through his acting roles and should be, metaphorically speaking, living on Cloud 9. Sizemore, however, apparently has had difficulty living under the spotlight, has succumbed to various addictions, and is dealing with serious anger management issues and an unsightly body that appears to become fatter and more disgusting every I see a new picture of him.

Sizemore was convicted in 2003 of assault and battery against his girlfriend, the former "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss. Fleiss' testimony in the case was rather shocking and Sizemore was sentenced to 17 months in jail and four months in drug treatment in March 2005 for repeatedly failing drug tests while on probation.

Sizemore has also had other well-publicized run-ins with the law. In 2005, he tried to manipulate his required drug tests by using a fake penis sewn into his boxer shorts and filled with a clean urine sample kept warm by a heating pack. The temperature of the urine sample proved too cool to have come from his body, and he was asked to remove his pants. Sizemore had been caught once before trying to use a similar device, sold over the Internet under the brand name the “Whizzinator”, and had failed drug tests on at least five occasions. Sizemore subsequently failed two drug tests on the days following the fake penis incident, showing he had methamphetamines in his system.

On May 8, 2007, while still on probation for a previous drug conviction, Sizemore was again arrested outside the Four Points Sheraton hotel in Bakersfield, California. Police found what appeared to be two bags of methamphetamines and three meth pipes in his 2004 Ford Mustang. Police were called after parole and dealer Jason Salcido challenged a hotel employee to a fight after being refused check-in. Police found a meth pipe on Salcido and found Sizemore waiting in his car outside the hotel. On June 25, Sizemore was sentenced to 16 months in prison. Sizemore's sentence was cut in half, to 8 months, two days later, on June 27.

Sizemore is also one of many washed up stars (see e.g., Dustin Diamond) to have a sex tape released to the public. On August 18, 2005, about eight hours of a celebrity sex tape starring Sizemore was published on the Internet. The material has since become available on DVD. In seeking to recover money from sales of the tape, Sizemore claimed that his battles with the law have decimated his personal fortune, leaving him homeless and with a mere $8 to his name.

Sizemore has also recently appeared in his own reality TV series on VH1, Shooting Sizemore. In the series Sizemore shows the world just how washed-up he has become as he battles his legal issues, drug addictions, and weight gain. For this and reasons discussed above, Tom Sizemore is one washed-up celebrity!

FYI, in researching Sizemore, I discovered this picture of him holding hands with Val Kilmer at a movie premier. I always thought that Sizemore was as straight as an arrow, but now I'm not so sure, as this photo raises doubts about Sizemore's hetero street cred.


Anonymous said...

He never had any hetero "street cred" with me. I know for a FACT that Sizemore is a raging queer. I gave him a rusty trombone once at a dumpster party behind a Houston, Texas Denny's. His sperm tasted like oatmeal raisin cookies, it was a bit disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Val Kilmer, I think he's a perfect candidate for this blog.

Anonymous said...

i almost thought when he got together with heidi fleiss that his life had turned around a bit (how odd I know), but my gosh, there is a limit of how many drugs someone can consume. I feel bad as he was such a talented actor.....but he will most likely OD soon.

Poor val kilmer....he's a longer iceman....

Anonymous said...

do you think Val shot his sperm up Toms nose and the shat on his face?

Anonymous said...

What a waste. That's all I have to say.

Tom was great in "Witness to the Mob" where he played John Gotti. He also was pretty good as Max Peltier in "Strange Days". I don't think weight was really an serious issue, he still looked good to me...

Such a shame to see such great talent being wasted on drugs and wife beating.

Anonymous said...

Too early to include Tom Sizemore in 'Washed up Celebrities'! There's no doubting his acting abilities; if he can manage to clean up his act,I'm sure he'll be around for a long time....

Anonymous said...

He was very good in "Saving Private Ryan" also. Great actor. This is one of the few people on your site who had some real talent. Sad to see it go to waste. And he looks much older than he really is.

Anonymous said...

Dner, you fuckin prude...grow some cajones wouldja? If Tom Sizemore's sperm tastes like oatmeal raisin cookies, you ask for some MILK to go with your COOKIESPERM.
wait, that doesn't work.

diamondcutter said...

Tom Sizemore arrested on outstanding battery warrant

Realvicious said...

You little bitches posting all of this vitriol on this blog, hate to tell you but 99 PERCENT of all actors are washed up. The old school guys are still badassed, the younger ones for the most part are a pack of nut less whiny bitches.
The best recent shows on TV
Archer, Mad Men, and the Wire
The rest is all bull shit.
And fuck the Emmys for snubbing the Wire, fuck em now and forever.

Realvicious said...

You little bitches posting all of this vitriol on this blog, hate to tell you but 99 PERCENT of all actors are washed up. The old school guys are still badassed, the younger ones for the most part are a pack of nut less whiny bitches.
The best recent shows on TV
Archer, Mad Men, and the Wire
The rest is all bull shit.
And fuck the Emmys for snubbing the Wire, fuck em now and forever.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. I know someone who tossed an 8 ball near his doorstep so he would find it during his reality show!

Anonymous said...


That's what you think... RU Jealous?

This is what you call washed up?

Tom Sizemore's Filmography:
Character name

???? Knockout (pre-production)
Bill Harford

2014 The Mob Priest: Book I (pre-production)

2014 The Million Dollar Date (pre-production)
John Sachtouras (rumored)

2014 The Red Road (TV series) (pre-production)
Jack Kopus

2014 Kickback (pre-production)

2013 Grace and Danger (pre-production)
Sergeant Austin

???? An Honest Thief (pre-production)
Danny St. Louis

???? John Ledger (pre-production)
John Ledger

2014 Private Number (filming)

2014 Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D (post-production)
Chief McClelland

2014 Unkillable (post-production)
Mr. Gilliam

2014 Reach Me (post-production)

2014 Roadrun (post-production)

2014 Terms & Conditions (post-production)
El Viejo

2013 Bordering on Bad Behavior (post-production)

2013 Deep Burial (post-production)

2013 Before I Sleep (post-production)

2013 The Age of Reason (post-production)

2013 The Drunk (post-production)
Bruce Frye

2013 Murder101 (completed)
FBI Agent Ridley

2013 The Bronx Bull

2013 Five Thirteen

2013/I Remnants
General Vincent Tate

2013 Crosshairs
Jimmy Marcos

2013 Paranormal Movie

2013/I Chlorine

2013 Meth Head

2013 5 Hour Friends
Timothy Bonner

2013 Company of Heroes (video)
Dean Ranson

2013 The Banksters, Madoff with America

2013 Fake Dog Shit (short)
The Bum

2013 Radical
CIA Agent McKitrick

2013 Quad

Terry Mcgee said...

Not only does he have bad taste in movie scripts, but he also has bad taste in women! Heidi Fleiss? She looks like a freaking scarecrow on meth!

Anonymous said...


shey said...

Love Tom! Great great talent!

Jimmy ray said...